Three Ways From Sunday

Three Ways From Sunday.

This is a dark BDSM m/f/f erotic novel
About a powerful girl call Kelsey (featured briefly in The Taylor Made Series) who is a Domme Living a lie as a switch.

Being so intimidating is sometimes a burden especially when she is looking for that one man to control her, to make her submit and bring her to her knees. She feels as though she’ll never find anyone to be her dominant until Kaiser steps in to her club and her life . The incredibly arrogant but immensely sexy Kaiser, puts Kelsey’s head in a spin casting a love hate relationship between them and she loves it. However, their meeting wasn’t be chance, Kaiser knows more about her then he is letting on, but whether that’s a good or bad thing, Kelsey will soon find out.

However, there is still another person in the triangle to consider.

Ancilla, Kelsey’s beautiful blonde bombshell submissive. A mischievous and ditsy girl who loves Kelsey dearly and feels threatened by Kaiser when she sees Kelsey’s obedience to him, and goes off on a rampage. But when she takes a wrong turn and meets a dangerous man, is it Kelsey or Kaiser that saves her from destruction?

There is currently no set release date for this book, but I will keep you posted. 

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Three Ways from Sunday. Kelsey and Kaisers first meeting….

Three ways from Sunday – snippet
Kelsey, being the overly inquisitive Domme she was, searched the floor below for new comers and any sign of trouble. As the lights flickered in there reds, greens, purples and blues across the old Gothic church causing a momentarily light upon the darkness of the dance floor. Her eyes scanned the scene below frantically looking and studying at the way the people moved their reactions to their surroundings and the change in their persona.
Suddenly she felt her eyes cast over toward the stairwell that lead down to the dungeon. There stepping up from the doorway stood a tall, strong, man proud of his body. He’s confidence radiated the room around him.
He was sexy and intimidating, with his powerfully sculptured body, his dark authoritative eyes and dominating aura. His dark, fairly short hair swept in a stylish mess to one side. She noticed him pull up the zipper to his ripped jeans just as a beautiful tall skinny blonde stepped out behind him. Blondie looked like she had just been fucked senseless and when the blonde grabbed his arm in a caressed manner he brutally rebuffed her and proceeded to the centre of the dance floor, leaving the blonde pouting with frustration and Kelsey couldn’t

help but chuckle.
His body was taut and define. His muscles were what every girl dreamt of touching. That V shape definition around the hip bone, sitting below a wash board six pack abdomen, drove every straight woman crazy. Was that the exact reason why he left the top button of his jeans undone, teasing them as to where that V was heading? He had a large tattoo that covered the whole of his left arm which carried on over to his left peck. He was mostly definitely a handsome man and he knew it. She watched him crave the attention of all those around him and from what she could see, he got it.
Kelsey couldn’t help but stare. She wanted to tease and test this man. Was he new to BDSM life style? Was he a Dom or looking to be one? Something inside Kelsey caused her body to response to him, like a powerful magnet. She wanted to find out more so she let the force pull her to him.

Kelsey followed her instincts to move and headed down the concrete stair case and on toward the floor. She stood at the edge of the dance floor and waited whilst she planned her next move. Everyone nearby noticed her presents and waited and watched awe as she studied the crowd and the handsome strange between them. The moment reminded people of a wild cat seeking out its prey in the wild and waiting for the moment to strike it down.
Just then the song “take over control” by Afrojack came blaring over the speakers and she felt her body begin to move. Soaking up the beats like cream being rubbed in to her skin. The rhythm rippled through her tiny frame and her agile curvy little hips started to sway. With every seductive step she got nearer her heart rate picked up, beating along in time with the bass of the music. She was excited not nervous. Kelsey rarely, if ever, got nervous. She was too confident and to domineering to let anyone effect her in such a way. She was brought up to believe that there wasn’t anything she couldn’t do. She was taught to be fearless and that she was.
With her head hung low, she peered up through her lashes fixating her sight on him as she slowly and sexually slid her way through the parting crowd. Swaying her hips effortlessly like the predator she was, with every seductive stride she took closer.
She had no trouble making her way through the dance floor as the crowd let her past. Kelsey was the queen of the club and everyone who was a member there, either respected or feared her.
“Hi Kelsey” A tiny Red head yelled at her just as she swaggered her way past.
“It’s mistress to you, little red” she turned her penetrative demanding eyes to little red and smirked
“Yes mistress. Sorry mistress” said the little red head. Kelsey smirked and winked at her as she left and continued on her path towards Mr. Confident.
Suddenly she watched his eyes locked on to hers and not once did he look away. Kelsey observed him as an incredibly sexy but very cheeky sideways smirk formed on his face. With their eyes locked on one another she continued forward on her mission to introduce herself to him in only a way Kelsey could. Finally she reached the centre of the dance floor where she stood before him. He towered over her and she had to crock her neck up to look at him. Just then the beat of the song kicked in and Kelsey spun round and pressed her body back toward his. He placed both hands on her hips and she begun to roll her hips along with his. His intoxicated scent wreaked of musk masculinity, mixed with his sweet cologne and a hint of sex which sent her pussy into a twitching frenzy.
She closed her eyes and soaked in the warmth of his powerful body closing the space between them. She felt his hot breath at her ear and she slowly lifted her arm to place her hand at the nape of his neck and up into his hair pulling him down closer. Her other hand caressed over his, which had since snaked its way around her waist and rested only inches above her pussy. He suddenly pulled her back abruptly into his groin and she gasped from the suddenness of his action. She could feel his erection strain against his jeans. Yes he definitely wanted her that much was true. Kelsey glided her pert little arse up and down his fully erect cock, teasing it to stiffen further inside his jeans and she heard a small grunt of frustration escape him.
The music encased the two of them as they grind up against each other, battling with the need to control one another. The heat between the two of them had turned sticky and the electricity sparked throughout their intertwining bodies. She felt her chest rapidly rise and fall, pushing hard against her tight black corset longing for her plump swollen breast to be freed.
With one hand placed over-so-slight above her sex, Mr. Confident moved his other hand across her stomach, up and over her breasts, on to her chest and then up to her throat, grasping it tightly with he’s hand and Kelsey smiled. Oh yeah, he knew what he was doing. Even if he wasn’t a Dom he certainly had the potential to be one and boy oh boy did she long to teach him.
As the music started to fade, blending into the next one, she was brought back to earth and pulled herself out from his embrace and turned to face him. No words were spoken, all either one of them did was stare intensely into one another eyes. His green hooded lustful eyes screamed authority as did her blue ones. Who would win this battle? Hopefully she would find out soon?
Just then Kelsey smirked and lifted one hand in the air and clicked her fingers loudly and within seconds Ancilla was by her side. Kelsey, finally prying her eyes from Mr. Confident, turned her head face to Ancilla, grabbing her jaw with one hand and pulled Ancilla’s mouth to hers, locking them into a fiercely passionate and sexual kiss. She was incredibly horny and in the mood to play. What better way to do that then to take her beautiful Sub to the dungeon and have her wicked way with her. She broke free from hers and Ancilla sexual kiss to see a still staring Mr. Confident. Kelsey smirked, winked and placed one finger in the loop of Ancilla’s collar and tugged at Ancilla over her shoulder as she pulled her sub in the direction of the stairs, leaving Mr. Confident yearning for more. When Kelsey looked back over her shoulder to Mr. Confident, she saw him laughing and shaking his head at her.

coming soon….

©This a copyright of Carrie Anne Ward 2013. All rights reserved

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