The Second City Signing

I am the girl in the red dress.

Thats right, if you ask anyone who attendee the signing who Carrie Anne Ward was, they would probably say one of three things. The girl in the red dress, the girl with the wooden spanking spoons or, and this would probably be the most common one, the girl with the arse!

Yep, I was famous mostly for those three things this weekend. I’m not complaining, I would have preferred people knew me for my books, but I stood out and that was good enough for me, that was what I was going for.

You see, I sort of had a plan this weekend and it kind of paid off. Ok I never thought for one second I would have been known for my arse, but I’ll take that. My plan was, as I’ve said, to stand out. The way I see it is, if people remember who I am, then they will know my books, so I needed to get noticed.

Don’t get my wrong everyone there looked amazing, but I wanted to shock and awe. Not only that, I write erotic novels, therefore I though I would dress like an erotic author. So I slipped on my sexy tight red dress, my fifties cat eyes glasses and slapped on my red lipstick… I was ready.

It worked!

Sure, it’s not every day I dress like that but I am definitely not the sort of girl to blend into the back ground. I want to portray the real me. I like to be a little different, which leads on to the next part, my swag…

Like the outfit, I wanted people to know me for my swag, to talk about it. I wanted to do something different, swag that made people want it because no one else had it. Yes, there was one other person, my new kinky author friend Christina Mandara who done wooden spoons too – great minds think alike and all that – but that’s fine with me. Everyone was taking about our wooden spoons. I wanted to do earrings too. I love the idea that someone is walking around with a piece of me attached to them, something I made. When people ask about them, what will people say? “I went to an author signing and the bdsm author Carrie Anne Ward was giving them away” BAM!! That’s one more person who now knows my name.

With all this aside, as much as I had a plan, my main plan for the whole weekend was to have fun and meet people. I didn’t expect to be popular but it didn’t matter,  it was just nice to be a part of it.

For me it was a very surreal moment in my life, especially more so when people would come to me table and say “I’ve read you’re books and I love them” or “I can’t wait to read your books, it’s on my to be read list” it’s a wonderful feeling.

I made some amazing friends, people I was happy to finally meet, such as my admirer Steph Phillips, the very loud Keren Hughes, the tiny and incredibly sweet Isobelle Cate and my naughty corner partners in crime Lucii Grubb and Amy Beth… Omg I can’t actually end this list. However the one person I’m truly grateful for at the signing was my assistant Justine Mcfadyen, I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for her.

Oh let’s not forget the sexy models who showed up,  one of which felt the need to touch my boob during our photo together lol

Anyway, all in all it was a great weekend thanks to Cassie and her helpers Nicola “stalker H” and the wonderful Kelly. Thank you girls, it was such a great event

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