Synopsis (A Taylor Made Mine)

taylor made mine - cover



The truth will out.

My Name’s Kiera Fox, the proud submissive to my University Art Tutor and my Dominant lover, Taylor Holloway. I never thought for one second I would fall in love with someone whilst at university, let alone my tutor. I was a fragile, confused mess, hiding behind an image of a vanilla girl living a vanilla life, but when I met Taylor he opened a door to a dark and sinister desire I didn’t realise I had.

We have come so far in our yearlong affair, most of which was spent in the bedroom learning the true mean of punished and reward administered my Master. For a relationship that should have been built on trust and honesty, it was based on secrets and lies. That is until Taylor gave me the ultimate gift. A switch in roles proving his trust and loyalty to me.

I am now stronger both physically and mentally, and I am ready to fight back.

It is time to face the terror head on and let the secrets spill from the bag even if it breaks me. I am ready to bring down those who try to stop Taylor and I being together, and I’m more than ready to embrace the darkness within me.

And should I survive, then there will only be one question left to answer, will Taylor ever truly be mine?