Part 2

Part 2 of the Employment Benefits series can be found in the Halloween Dark Erotic Anthology Corrupted Desires, also a number 1 Amazon bestseller.

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Below is the book’s cover, synopsis and I’ve also added a YouTube video of Animals by Maroon 5 to get you in to that erotic Halloween mood.



**** WARNING! ****

This book contains extreme BDSM, violence, graphic sexual situations, and dark supernatural and paranormal scenes. This book is only for those aged 18+. It is for those with an open mind and for those who ARE NOT easily offended.

This Halloween there will be no treats, only tricks. Tricks on your blackened mind, that is.

Corrupted Desires is not the sort of book that will have you skipping amongst the daisies and leave you with that feel good feeling. This jaw dropping, dark erotic book will give you that prickly feeling on the back of your neck. It will send a chill right to your bones and it will most definitely mess with you head.

Allow these nine authors to show you what their definition of corruption is, as they take you down an intensely dark path to the unknown and the unfamiliar on All Hallows’ Eve. Let them bring a whole new meaning to the words “bump in the night.”

Carrie Anne Ward Sarah G. Greyson SJ Warner Ethan Radcliff Sharon Cummin Felicity Brandon Alisa Easton Pen Name K Anne James

the cover



The irony with which the mist crawled over Marie like a cloak and the way the moons silver rays split through the cracks of the mist like a knife was something you would normally laugh at; given what time of the year it was. It was All Hallows’ Eve and as cliché as the scene around her seemed it was probably the first year, on this very night, that she truly felt a chill to her core and a tightness in her chest. A shiver rippled over Marie’s body and she furiously rubbed her arms in an attempt to heat her skin. However, she couldn’t be sure whether it was the frosted night time air that created that shake or whether it was fear alone.

She found some small form of solace as she hid within the damp foggy air, but she knew soon enough she would have to return to the mansion. Return back to the party from which she was one of many maids paid to serve the guest’s needs that night. Sounds of music and laughter were heard in the distance and Marie willed her grounded feet to move. Her laziness would not be let off lightly should she be found slacking by the Master. Or was that something she was secretly hoping for? Did she want to be punished… again?


It had been almost a month since the Master had taken and used Marie for his own sadistic pleasure and since that dark erotic encounter in the cellar Marie had barely slept, continuously tossing and turning. Fatigue would set in soon enough, but the second she heard a creak her eyes would flip open. It seemed strange considering she very rarely slept at the old mansion and even when she did the rest of the staff stayed there with her. Why on earth would she fear him creeping into her room, in the middle of the night, when she was safely tucked up in her own bed?

Yes, the Master had stepped over the line with her when he disciplined and fucked her in that dank cellar, so why did she continue to return back to that house every day? She told herself too often it was for the money, that she needed the job. Of course jobs were hard to come by nowadays but she knew, if she dug down dip enough, that this wasn’t the real reason she stayed. She remained there because, even though he took her for his own personal enjoyment, she craved to experience that powerful explosive orgasm ripple through her once more. She wanted to endure that foreign feeling again like she did when he had her trembling naked body pinned over the work table as he savagely took her.

There was a dark desire lingering somewhere deep within the corner of her mind and Marie wanted to free it, but she was too terrified of what she would become if she did. The Master was not a gentleman, he would never love her and his mind was black with dangerous thoughts. He scared her half to death, but Marie kind of like the fearful aura the Master gave off.

A part of her innocence left that night in the cellar and the thought made her quiver.


The Master had decided to throw a lavish party in order to celebrate this wondrous night. This was no ordinary Halloween party. There were no cheap fancy-dress costumes or party shop decorations, this party put a whole new meaning to the word fancy. The theme was Fright meets Phantom of the Opera. The outfits ranged from men in extravagant tuxedos, all the way up to Joker, jester type ensembles. The women looked like something from a fairy tale, with their wicked witches and their charming princess dresses. However, the one requirement to participate in this affair was that all guests had to wear a mask.

It was a sinister wonderland. The main hall area was a room fit for royalty with its old Georgian furnishings enriched in gold’s and deep reds. There were carved pumpkins casting shadowed mocking faces on the walls, realistic spiders spun their fluffy white webs between the ornaments and pictures. Hundreds of candles scattered about the place, setting a moody atmosphere.

Marie returned to the house and focused her mind solely on the party. She had yet to see the Master and a part of her wanted it to stay that way. However, with all the masked faces brushing by her she couldn’t be sure he hadn’t found her already. She had absolutely no idea what he wore or where he was for that matter.

Marie collected the next tray from the bartender but froze instantly when her eyes fixated on a tall broad man looming in the dark by the red velvet sofas. So rigid with the fear consuming her body and oblivious to the scene around her Marie let the tray of filled champagne flutes crash to the floor as a giggly drunk couple bumped her from behind.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry,” panicked Marie as she dabbed frantically at the couples clothing before the stain set in.

Her heart skipped a beat in terror as she quickly remembered the mysterious man skulking in the corner. What if that was the Master and he had just played witness to her clumsiness?

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! She fretted and was no longer dabbing at the guest’s clothes, it had now formed into a frenzied scratching.

She stood abruptly and directed her gaze back over to where the large dark figure was only moments ago, but he had since vanished. Marie placed a hand on her forehead to wipe at the sweat that had formed there and took a few steady breaths in and out in order to reclaim her calm demeanour. She needed to leave. The air in that room was sticky and close. It felt like the room was closing in on her and she could barely breathe.


The party wasn’t at its full potential anymore, most of the guest’s had gone home. Marie knew the only quiet place within the mansion, the only place she could let herself wind down was the kitchen. The last of the food had been served and the staff were all leaving for the evening as Marie made her way down the stone staircase and into the warmth of the kitchen. The fire from the stove was diminishing and the pots were stacked high on the side to dry. The stillness of the kitchen helped Marie calm her nerves and in an attempt to distract her worried mind she began to clear the leftover food into the pantry.

This was no ordinary pantry, this was a pantry the size of Marie’s bedroom, and compared to other’s she had seen it was huge. She picked up a large oval shaped silver platter filled with chicken and made her way towards the cupboard. She stopped for a second as she passed by the door to the cellar, glaring at it with an array of mixed emotions spinning through her.  She quickly shook herself out of her daydream and proceeded to the pantry.

Jars, tin cans and pots; pans, trays and cartons filled the shelves containing an assortment of food and drinks within them all. She headed for the back of the pantry and placed the platter on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.  Marie turned back towards her exit and watched the door as it clicked shut. She strolled briskly over and placed her small hand around the handle and turned. She hadn’t expected the door not to move when she pulled it and when it didn’t move after third attempted her breaths started to increase and her heart began to flutter. She was trapped and no one, who was still at the party, knew she was down there.

She rattled and banged hysterically on the door, screaming at the top of her lungs to be let out. The door was clearly locked from the opposite side of where she now stood with both hands smacking at it. She didn’t fancy spending the whole night trapped in that cupboard until morning came and the staff returned.

The Master will not be happy! She fretted and bit anxiously at her lip.

After about five minutes of continuous smacking at the door it clicked open and Marie fell through it, toppling towards the kitchen table. She straightened her spine and flattened down her skirt when she heard shuffling from beyond. She stilled, like a small animal being hunted, as if remaining firmly in place would make her invisible to whatever creature had its beady little eye on her. The lights were off and the only source of illumination came from the fire that refused to die. Horror clenched tightly at Marie’s throat stopping her from breathing. She turned slowly and her eyes searched the shadows.

“Who is there?” she asked in a feeble voice.

There was a moment of silent, a chill lingering in the air about her, when suddenly a figure jumped into the light.

“Trick or treat, Marie,” squealed a young man.

She let out a long loud sigh of relief when she recognised the slim man swaggering to her.

“Good lord, Davey, you scared the crap out of me,” Marie yelled and bent forward to steady her uneasy breaths, as though she had just finished from a long run.

“Sorry Marie,”

Marie paused for a moment and glared sideways at Davey.

“What are you doing here, if the Master see’s you he will kill you…and me!” she answered with a slight crack of worry in her voice.

“I was bored and I thought I would come here and surprise you.” Davey noted. There was a sad expression on his face. His lips curled down ever-so-slightly at the corners and a crease forged between his brows. The sorrow swamping in his eyes only made Marie smile sympathetically. “I miss you Marie. I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“I know Davey, and I’m sorry, but I have a job now.”

“You work too hard, Marie” Marie shivered at his words. She couldn’t tell him the real reason as to why she spent most of her waking hours in the mansion. That she was petrified of the Master but secretly wondered whether he would take her again. She couldn’t calculate whether the feelings she was experiencing were excitement or dread.

He took another step forward and Marie shifted her stance, clearly uncomfortable with the distance – or lack of – between them both. There was a single minute of quietness that passed between them until the faint sound of singing broke through the awkwardness. Marie panicked and grabbed Davey abruptly by the arm and ushered him up the stairs.

“Davey please go. The Master will not be happy that I brought a friend to his party. Please, please go,” she pleaded.

Davey saw the alarm on her face and the second he opened his mouth to ask her what was wrong she soon stopped him and practically shoved him out the door. The look of surprise on Davey’s face left a feeling of guilt churning in her stomach as she closed the door in his face and locked it. She hated to treat him that way, but she hated to upset the Master more so.

Marie plonked her bottom swiftly down on one of the cold stone steps; resting her elbows on her knees she hid her face within her hands. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the ridiculous situation she hadn’t gotten herself into. Her life had somehow tangled itself into a web of lies and destruction that came with her job. A job that had her feet aching every single day from continuously walking on tiptoes, and a job that left her scared of her own shadow. This job was her life now.

Get a grip Marie! She demanded to herself and jumped to her feet. She took in a deep breath and trotted down the stairs to finish clearing away the rest of the leftovers.

Five minutes had passed since Davey was thrown from the kitchen and Marie had begun her attempts at scrapping the dried food off the last of the pans lining up beside the sink, when the smell of smoke invaded her nostrils. She turned to see the tiniest flame slowly shrinking and she ran to the fireplace stove, grabbing a spiky piece of chopped log, she threw it in hoping she had caught the flame in time.

She grabbed the iron rod and poked at the log, encouraging the yellowy red flame to attach itself to the large piece of wood. She smiled in triumph as the smell of burning pine hit her and she watched as the log cracked and hissed angrily in her face as the fire ignited once more. She straightened up, swivelled on her heels and almost fell back in surprise when a large broad figure claimed the dark shadow before her.

Her heart crashed hard against her ribs and her breath was coming in short sharp bursts. Her legs began to wobble and she suddenly felt very queasy. It was him, the Master standing in the dark corner of the kitchen watching and waiting. He wore a white mask that covered the top part of his face leaving only his stubbly chiselled chin and perfectly sculptured lips visible. Although she could not see his face all that well, from the mask and the lack of illumination, she knew it was him. No one was as still or as deadly quiet as the Master. The room’s atmosphere had changed, as though a black cloud loomed over it waiting for the storm to strike her down. Only the Master made her feel that way and she quivered from it. He took a step forward bringing his large body into the light of the fire and Marie found herself stepping backwards.

She saw those black dangerous eyes staring right at her, a look that left her feeling like glass. Vulnerable and breakable, as though he was looking right through her, as if he could see everything she was or had ever been.

He wore a long black cloak which sat over one shoulder and underneath the cloak he wore a fitted, very expensive looking, black three-piece suit. His right hand rested upon a thick black cane topped with a silver handle. Her eyes lingering on the hand that held the cane and she observed his index finger as it impatiently tapped at the metal head of that cane.

Marie swallowed hard against her dry throat when she realised he was not a happy man. His stern structure and hooded dark eyes had Marie cowering away from him. She took another step back and hit the table, obstructing her from going any further.

She was trapped.

Marie took in a long deep breath and held on to it, as she knew any second the Master would do or say something. It was like that moment when you were waiting for a balloon to pop, your body tightened and you heart fluttered regardless, in preparation for the explosion.

“Who was that, Marie?” his voice was steady, but she knew this was a mirage; his calmness was a pretence to what he was really feeling. He was fucking with her mind.

“I’m s-so sorry sir. That was my friend Davey. He followed me here. I-I promise I didn’t invite him,” she begged and clutched at the table edge behind her. Adrenaline pumped through her tiny frame and she heard the deafening sound of her own blood pumping furiously in her ears.

“Is he your boyfriend, Marie?” he asked quietly.

“No sir.”

“Good! Whilst you are in my employment you are to remain single. No boyfriends will be permitted.”

What?” She was so surprised by his request, that she said the word without so much as thought to whom she was saying it to.

“You heard me, Marie. You are to tell your “friend” that if he trespasses on my property again, I will have him arrested and you will have to find employment elsewhere.”

Her eyes widen, dumbfounded by his words, but she knew he meant every single one of them. She hung her head in shame and nodded timidly. Why couldn’t she just say no and walk out? Why did she let him take control of her? Because the dark part of her liked it, that was why.

“It seems your clumsiness has struck once again, Marie. It looks like I will, once again, have to teach you a lesson,” he paused and took another step closer. “Turn around Marie and bend over the table.” His voice dropped and had taken on a more authoritative tone.

Marie had managed to suppress the shakes since the Master withdrew from the shadow, but since the situation had turned to a more serious level her shaking had become too overwhelming for her to domineer. She had no doubt that the Master could see how uncontrollably her body trembled.


Her body was on fire, she felt the sweat protrude across her brow and between her breasts. Marie pushed her bust in to the warm solid table and rested her hands down by her sides. She turned her face to the left and rested her right cheek against the work surface.

“I want you to roll up your skirt” he ordered.

Marie moved her shaky hands to grab the hem of her dress and lifted it up over her buttocks. Besides her barely-there panties, the only thing between her bare cheeks and the Master were the black tights she wore. There was a scuffling sound from behind her, when suddenly the Master was at the side of the table and in her line of vision. He took his tall physic over to the draining board, and the sound of metal clashing against metal followed not long after. The Master turned back to face her and the light from the flames of the fire reflected in the blade of the kitchen knife the Master held in his hand.

Her mind and body hit a whole new measure of anxiety.

The Master returned to his place behind Marie and the room fell silent, all but the popping and crackling coming from the fire beside her. The air around her was heavy and thick and she struggling to catch her breath, but her breathing stopped instantly when she felt the cold sharp edge of the blade press against the back of her right thigh. He progressed the blade up towards her bottom, puckering the fabric as it caught on the rigid edge.

“Are you scared Marie?”

“Y-yes Sir,”

“I like it when you’re scared of me. I love to watch your body shiver with fear.” He whispered in a sinister voice. “You will no longer wear tights or knickers when you are in this house. I wanted that tight little cunt of your to be accessible to me at all times. Don’t forget Marie, I own you now.” those menacing words had Marie biting her lip anxiously, to the point where it bled.

With his free hand he pinched at the fabric of her tights pulling in from her skin and the pressure generated by her tights gave way as the knife sliced through them. She heard the sound of fine wool ripping in two as the Master removed the rest of the fabric from her body.

He placed the knife next to her face and she sighed a little in relief. The familiar sound of a buckle unfastening invaded her ears and flooded her mind, turning her entire body in to a tight ball. She flinched with revelation when she quickly learnt that the belt would not be her punishment that evening. The Master took each of her wrists, crossed them behind her and placed them in the hollow of her back. He then began to circle the leather belt around her wrist, caging and securing them in place.

The sound of laughter from the top of the stairs interrupted the silence between them. They rattled at the doorknob, trying their upmost to enter and Marie feared that whoever it was would walk in on the Master taking advantage of her.

Was locking the door a good idea or a bad one? She wondered.

The Master bent forward, his body so close to hers she could feel the heat radiating from him, but he never touched her. He kept any form of physical contact at bay. Marie felt his warm whiskey breath blow over her already flushed face.

“Keep absolutely quiet, Marie” he whispered his demand in to her ear and cold shiver waved through her.

He remained hovering over her waiting until the laughter and rattling subsided. Marie wasn’t sure whether she was relieved or disappointed. A small sliver of her wanted to be in this position once more, but the terror consuming her at the moment in point had her doubting that desire.

“Stand up Marie; I fear the Kitchen may not give us the privacy we need, when it comes to inflicting punishment on you. We are going to the cellar.”

If the table had not been beneath Marie, she would have surly dropped to heap on the floor, as her legs gave way from under her the second the Master said the word cellar.

“Now, Marie!” he commanded, a little louder this time.

Her stomach tossed and turned and Marie held back the bile threatening to rise inside her mouth. She found the strength in her moderately wobbly legs and pushed her body from the table, forcing herself towards the large oak door, which she dreaded walking through. There was a war of mixed emotions battling it out within Marie, excitement at the thought of her Master taking her and apprehension at the thought of being disciplined. However, who knew whether he would take her again, he may simply punish her.

The first form of contact was made when the Master grasped Marie violently by the neck; he tightened his grip to the point that it became painful and she whimpered every-so-slightly from it. Marie yielded to the feeling of both the ache pulsating through her and the feeling of his hand on flesh. She let the Master’s empowerment over her claim her and she felt the smallest twitch at the corner of her mouth.

The Master practically dragged Marie in to the Cellar and when she entered she wrinkled her nose as the familiar earthy, rusted iron smell as it crawled up her nose and clouded her brain. The cold damp air touched her exposed heated skin and all of her hairs on her figure stood to attention.

Her eyes found the iron shackles, recalling the memory of being held prisoner by those cuffs and she felt the spiteful sting of the Master’s belt across her buttock, the last time she was in that cellar. Marie’s eyes then found the table where she was viciously fucked by the Master and in that single moment Marie felt a throbbing, followed by a dull ache between her thighs. She began to pant hard as the longing devoured her. The leather around her wrist pinched and bit in to her flesh as she struggled to free them from the restraint.

“In position, Marie” He barked and his grip on her neck constricted, causing her to hiss in discomfort.

Her scattered steps made for the table; she pressed her abdomen in to the side of the table and bent forward. The Master’s grip remained intact as she was pushed on to the surface and he spread her legs wide with his knee. He released the pressure from the back of her neck and Marie let out the breath she was holding on to.

The Master surprised Marie and her skin hummed with excitement when the back of his fingers brushed against her tingling flesh, tickling at the back of her thighs as they hooked around the seam of her dress and rolled it up to her waist.

The Cellar was just as dark as the kitchen with only the smallest window providing a limited source of light from the moon projecting through it. Marie’s mind was in a thousand places, scared of the unknown, but her body sang with pleasure from the brief sensation of the Master’s hand touching her. Why did she want him? He was not a good man. He used and abused her body whenever he saw fit too. He didn’t care for her thoughts and feelings; in his mind it was all about him and what he wanted. He claimed that the punishment was for her benefit, but at the root of it, it was all for him. The Master who demanded all of her control was handed to him.

Minutes ticked by and the Master made his point of fucking with her mind. Silently biding his time and building on the suspense, holding on to that moment before he struck. Within that moment as Marie heaved so hard it felt like her lungs were ready to explode, the Mater did indeed strike. The cane he held on to, which Marie thought was merely a prop to collaborate with his costume, was anything but a fake. It fashioned a sharp vicious line clean across the lower part of both her cheeks and Marie screamed at the top of her lungs.

Rage enticed the Master into ripping Marie’s knickers apart sending a cold rush of air to flow over her swollen needy sex. Her screams were swiftly hushed when the Master gagged Marie with her own moderately moist, panties.

“Sshhhh Marie. We don’t want the people upstairs hearing your cries now, do we.” he murmured the words to her but there was an undertone of maliciousness in his voice.

Marie felt the tears manifesting in the corner of her eyes as the Master smacked repeatedly, nine more times across her bottom and the top of her thighs. Each immoral slice ripped through her flesh and she squirmed like a fish caught in a net desperate to be freed. The tears trickled down her cheeks, but she held back the sound of her sobs because she didn’t want the Master to hear how much he had hurt her. She gasped and spat out her knickers when the Master trusted forced two finger unexpectedly in to her pussy.

“Have you learnt your lesson yet, Marie?” he asked in a curt voice, and began to unfasten the belt from her sore marked wrists with one hand while ruthlessly fucking her with the other.

“y-yes sir” she gasped as the Master removed his fingers abruptly from her. She slowly rose from the table and rubbed at the redness manufactured into the flesh around her wrists.

“Good girl. Now turn around and slide your bottom on to the table. It’s time to please your Master. I want you to lay back and open those thighs. I want to see that tight cunt of yours.”

Marie did as she was told, lifting her immensely sore and painful bottom on to the smooth surface of the table, wincing as she did so. Her body shook and heart pounded erratically within her chest. She felt exposed and helpless, which was exactly what the Master was hoping for. She heard the sound of his zipper and braced herself for what was about to happen.

He plunged his fingers in her once more. There was nothing sensual in his thrusts, it was brutal and invasive. He was preparing her sex for his cock to enter her. She whimpered and wriggled and when she stupidly lifted her head in curiosity she saw her masked Master clutching at his shaft, stroking it furiously from base to the velvet tip. She saw the glaze of his pre-cum sparkle in the moonlight. When she looked into his eyes, she surveyed them misting over with a dark menacing desire and it petrified her. All she wanted was for him to remove his mask, to make this whole sordid scene seem less terrifying but there was no way he would have that happen, he wanted her frightened and afraid.

He placed his large thick penis at the entrance of her quivering sex and trusted hard in to her, sending the pain to split right through her centre. Marie’s head fell back, her back arched and her shrieks left her mouth in an instant. With her knickers lost to the darkness there was only one other way to keep Marie quiet and he wrapped his fingers on both hands around the throat. He squeezed tight enough to silence her. She wheezed and clawed at his hands to release her throat but he continued on, endlessly fucking her tight pussy with savage force. He was a shameless animal taking that which he needed in order to survive.

Marie’s vision began to blur and she gave up on her attempts to remove the Master’s hand from choking her. There was no way he was letting go; he was lost to his own sexual desires. She gasped at what little air she could breathe, when a tingling and tightening sensation started to form inside her core. Her sex tensed, enveloping the Master’s cock and he grunted in frustration from the feeling.

“Your cunt is so tight Marie, and it’s all mine.”

She felt her hips leave the table as the tension constructed inside of her. The Master carried on pumping and milking his manhood in and out of her wanton vagina. She felt him twitch within her, hitting that special spot inside of her sex pushing her off the edge. She bucked and jerked on the table, lights flashed behind her eyelids and her head felt heavy as she came violently on the Master’s penis. Just then his grip contracted, completely closing off her airway. The Master hissed and juddered aggressively as he plunged his silky smooth cock painfully once more into her. Marie gave way to the darkness and lost what little light she had, as her eyes grew heavy and she passed out just as the Master released his creamy warmth inside of her.


The lights were on when she woke. She sat up slowly upon the table where the Master had taken her once again. Her clothes were tattered and torn. The Master had left her there in the cold damp cellar after he had severally caned and fucked her. She gathered her strength and removed herself cautiously from the table and felt the Master’s come slid from her sex. She was a mess and too tired to care about cleaning off his semen so she left it to coat her inner thigh. She needed to find something to cover the marks on her wrists and her ripped clothes before she went home and crawled into bed. She knew her family would be asleep but she didn’t want to risk anyone seeing her in that state. God, who knew what they would think if they saw her, but they would probably be fifty percent right in their assumptions.

Marie found a long black coat hiding in the kitchen cupboard; she pulled it tight around her fragile body and headed, wearily up the stairs and out into the hall. She was eager to get home but not too eager that she stopped promptly when she noticed the Master canoodling with a beautiful blonde in the corner of the hallway. His eyes locked with Marie’s and a wicked gleam sparkled within them. He embraced the blonde’s lips once more but his evil eyes stayed firmly locked with Marie’s.

She had become his filthy little secret.

He was going to break her and take her and an infinitesimal fucked up part of her mind liked it.

She hung her head in disgrace, headed out the door and home to her bed with the knowledge that tomorrow she would be back there, once again, living her life in fear.

©A Copyright of Carrie Anne Ward 2016. All Rights Reserved


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