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This anthology features myself and 20 other authors. To buy this book, please go to the links below. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

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Marie had been working as a maid at Bennett Abbey for a few months now. It was a huge mansion in the countryside, close to nothing but fields. The Master was a very wealthy man. He was a man made rich by modern money, but he had old fashion values. He was undoubtedly handsome and well groomed, and Marie couldn’t help but find him attractive in his three-piece suits and with his neatly sculpted mouse brown hair. However, Marie also found him very intimidating. She could see the authority in his eyes, and she feared to get on his bad side. Sometimes, when she was cleaning in the same room as the Master, she would feel his stare upon her, and she wasn’t quite sure whether she liked it.

She was only 18 years of age, and this was her first job. She had to look after her family, so she worked damn hard to make sure she did nothing to fuck it up, as she couldn’t afford to lose this job. It wasn’t the best paid job in the world, but it was still a job, and she would do anything not to lose it-which she was pretty sure would happen soon enough.

Last week she had broken a very rare ornament, and tried her best to repair it, but she was unsuccessful in her attempts, so she decided to hide the pieces, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

She was working in the kitchen today, tidying the pans away after the kitchen staff had left for the evening. She was the only one left, as she had agreed to do overtime after the Master had asked her. The open fire behind her crackled and hissed so wildly that she barely heard the Master enter the kitchen.

“Marie?” spoke the Master, standing tall and confident before her.

“Yes, Sir?” she answered in a feeble voice.

The look in his eyes made her legs wobble with worry. That was not the look of a happy man.

“Would you like to tell me where my antique vase has gone?” he asked in a steady voice.

Holy crap! She swallowed down on the large lump of fear rising in her throat. Her legs shook, and she knew this was the moment she was about to lose her job, so she spun rapidly on her heels to face the opposite direction, desperate to hide her guilt riddled face. He stepped in close behind her as she held on to the work top surface for support from her quivering legs. He was so close that she could feel the heat radiate from him, so close that she was sure he was breaking some sort of boundary rules.

“I’m sorry Sir. I-I broke it last week when I was cleaning. I didn’t know what to do. I…”

She whirled back to face him so quickly that she lost her stance and fell forward. The Master caught her in time, grabbing the tops of her arms, and planted her back on her feet. His cold eyes glared right in to hers, and all she could do was stare right back. There was no expression, no emotion on his face, and Marie had no idea what was going to happen. He still had hold of her arms, but his hands now brought with them a more powerful, bruising grip. She wriggled ever-so-slightly, to try and free herself from his grasp, but couldn’t. The silence was killing her, and the longer he stared at her, the more she felt uncomfortable and exposed.

“What are you going to do, Sir? Please don’t fire me, I need this job. I’ll do anything,” she pleaded.

He raised one eye brow at her remark. A questioning look claimed his handsome, stern face. What was he thinking?

“Anything, you say?” he asked, and placed one hand on her thigh between her legs, only a couple of inches shy of her sex. She gasped at his touch. Her heart beat wildly behind her ribs, and she held onto her breath. The suddenness of his actions had her head spinning, and her body went into a frenzied state of panic. What was he doing? Was he taking advantage of her?

Suddenly he pulled her by the arm, and dragged her down to the cellar. He opened the door and stepped down the stone stairs to the cellar; it was cold and damp with an earthy smell tainting the air, Marie hated it down there.

“Two things are going to happen. In order to keep your job, you are going to be punished for your mistake, and learn your lesson, and after you have been punished, you are going to do something to make Sir happy, you hear me?” he said curtly.

“What is it I have to do to make you happy, Sir?” she choked. She asked the question, but she wasn’t sure she wanted the answer.

“Be quiet and do as you’re told. You want this job, right?” he asked sternly, and she nodded. “You want to make me happy, right?” She nodded again. “You find me handsome, right?” His words hit hard her, and she glared at him in surprise. She wasn’t expecting him to say such a thing to her. He was right though, she did think he was handsome.

“Oh, come on, Marie. Such an innocent looking young girl you are. But I know underneath the surface there is a darker side.” He stepped closer to her, towering above her, and let her hair loose from the ponytail. “You are going to pleasure me. Keep me happy, if you want to keep your job. Okay?”

She felt sick with fear. She wasn’t a virgin, she had only had sex once with a boy she had been friends with at school, but Marie didn’t know how to be sexual. She was absolutely petrified, but she couldn’t lose this job. He was clearly using her weakness against her, and they both knew it. So, through pure fear, she nodded lightly and waited.

“Good girl. Now, remove your clothing and follow me.”

She struggled to unbutton her blouse because of the incessant shaking in flowing through her fingers. She tried hard to concentrate on keeping her breath steady, and she was pretty damn sure he could hear her heart pounding from within. Once she had removed all form of clothing, she walked shakily over to the wall, where he held on to a pair of iron shackles attached to a very rusty chain hanging from the ceiling. He put her wrists in to each of the shackles, and she shivered from the coldness of them on her skin. She was facing the wall, taking in long deep breaths and repeatedly telling herself it would be okay. She hadn’t expected the stinging feeling of leather split across her bare bottom, and she cried out in pain from the Master’s belt strike at her flesh.

Five more smacked across her bottom, each one worst than the one before. Each impact creating that throbbing feeling as the blood rushed to surface of her skin and a rouge tear escaped her eye. Finally the Master removed the shackles from her wrists and rubbed at the raw skin on her bum. She was shivering uncontrollably now, and she worried what was next. She liked the feeling of his hands on her flesh, but she tried hard to fight it. He was most definitely breaking some very personal boundaries with her, so why did she like it?

His firm hands caressed her flesh, and slid down and circled at the apex of her thighs. Then he slid his fingers inside her, and she gasped at the penetration, scrapping her fingernails down the stone wall as he moved his fingers inside.

“Someone clearly liked her punishment a little too much. Let’s see what we can do about that.” He grabbed her by the back of the neck, and pushed her tiny, quivering body over a wooden table, and pried her legs apart. “Are you scared, Marie?” he murmured.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered with an uneven voice.


She heard the sounds of him pull down his zipper. She closed her eyes, as she wasn’t sure she wanted to see what was about to happen. “I own you now, Marie. You are mine to please and torture, whenever and however I want. Do you hear me? Otherwise, you will no longer be under my employment.”

Owned? Did she want to be owned? To live this life submitting to her Master’s will. Knowing that at any minute he could call on her, use and abuse her for his own pleasure. She wasn’t sure of anything at that moment in time, so she agreed to his terms, regardless of what she was agreeing too. Regardless of the fact that she had just signed her life away to him, and just then, he pushed his hard, large cock into her, and she drew in a deep breath.

She was hesitant at her first but when she felt his nails prick harder into her neck she quivered and let go, accepting him fully. He pounded relentlessly into her sex, driving with such a force that it felt painful. But something was happening to her, something she had never felt before. The heat had increased somewhat, beads of sweat began to dot between her breast and she could barely breathe. The muscles in her body turned rigid, and she felt a strange tingling feeling flourish inside of her, when suddenly an explosion rippled over her, she bucked and quivered violently. She had never felt anything so incredible in her life. She panted hard, and moaned with delight as he fucked her senseless. He hissed and continuously told her that she was his as he slid is manhood into her. He plunged one final side-splitting thrust into her, and came with a force inside of her. She felt he cock twitch from within, his physique tighten and he grunted in satisfaction as he pulled out from her.

“Consider yourself my own personal slave,” he whispered in her ear. “Once you’re dressed, you may continue with your duties.”

He left her there in the cellar, shuddering and in pain. He had taken her, used her for his own pleasure, and had most definitely crossed a line. She should have been upset and disgusted by him, and left the mansion there and then and never returned. But instead, she pulled on her dressed and continued with her chores, counting down the seconds until the next time he claimed her, and a small smirked was trying to twitch its way in to the corner of her mouth.

©This a copyright of Carrie Anne Ward. All rights reserved


Part two is feature in the dark erotic anthology Corrupted Desires.




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