Office Politics


Ever since she’d seen him at her interview, Amelia had been having daily fantasies about being seduced by her manger. She couldn’t forget his beautiful blue eyes staring intensely into hers, as he repeatedly bombarded her with questions. It had been very distracting, and made what she would normally see as an easy challenge just that little bit harder to concentrate on. He was very handsome for an older man, with his chiselled chin and slightly silver hair.  

It was the first of her monthly meetings with Jordan, and she knew that her lust would get the better of her. So, during her lunch break, she gave herself a few minutes of quiet time in the disabled toilet, to find some self relief from her sexual frustration for her forbidden boss. And, boy, did she release it! She had never come that hard before. She continued quivering with pleasure for at least a minute after the initial explosion rippled through her. Feeling a little flustered, but a whole lot calmer, she felt ready to deal with the situation of her being alone with Jordan in his office for one whole hour.

Walking into Jordan’s office, which was situated on the twentieth floor of a large tower block in central London, she placed herself in the small leather chair that sat opposite his large glass desk. The whole of the far back wall was made of glass, and over looked some of London’s skyline.

She twitched nervously in her the chair, wondering if the release she had found at lunch would hold out that little bit longer, that she could hold back on her desire for him.

That’s when Jordan strolled in, in his grey fitted suit and black shirt and tie. His tie hung loose, and the top button of his shirt was left open. As he strolled past her, she inhaled his sweet, intoxicating, masculine sent, and her arousal started between her thighs.

“Well, Amelia, I can see by your stats that you seem to be doing extremely well here!” He sat down in the chair behind his desk, his beautiful blue eyes staring intensely into hers, and she started to squirm on her seat. Images of him naked spring into her mind – him fucking her on his desk. She needed to stop.

Jordan looked at Amelia with wonderment, as she repeatedly licked her lips, and he felt himself growing hard beneath the fabric of his Armani trousers. He never realised until then, sitting opposite him, with her tight little red dress and matching heels, how much he wanted her. How much he wanted to lick her lips, just as she repeatedly did before him.

Without thinking, Jordan hit his coffee cup to one side, and the warm liquid contents went flying off the desk and splashed across the cream carpet. Grabbing several sheets of tissues, Amelia crawled across the floor, dabbing frantically at the spillage. Jordan helped her on the floor, and, without noticing, his hand touched hers and a spark flew through Amelia. She sat back and looked straight at Jordan, wondering if he had felt it too. Oh yes, he had felt it! He felt it twitch in his trousers as his need for her grew stiffer.

Without even thinking about what he was doing, Jordan lurched forward and kissed Amelia straight on the mouth. So shocked by the need and the suddenness, Amelia hesitated at first, but soon gave in, and stroked her tongue passionately with his.

“God, I want you!” she whispered against his lips.

“What was that?” Jordan asked pulling back to looking at her. Suddenly realising that she let slip her naughty thoughts, she shyly smiled at him, and then shook her head as if to say nothing! “Tell me, Amelia.” How could she deny his authoritative tone. She paused for a second, but then answered.

“I have fantasies about you. About kissing you and fucking you!” She looked down at her knotted fingers. Jordan was in shock, the word ‘fuck’ coming from what he thought was such an innocent mouth. Those words were his undoing, and he grabbed her arms, pulling her up to her feet, and directed her to the glass wall. He placed both of her hands flat against the window, arms extended. “Arch your back,” he ordered, and she obeyed. He needed to see that beautiful, tight little cunt of hers, or he was going to scream with frustration.

Amelia stood still, frozen with the shock that this was really happening; she was living out her fantasy. He lifted the hem of her dress up to her waist, to reveal her black stockings and suspenders, but no knickers. Jordan couldn’t believe it; this girl had him completely stumped. No way was this girl as innocent as she looked. Who knew something so sinister lived beneath the skin of this beautiful, sweet girl? He groaned at the sight of her glistening pussy, and she pushed back in to him, enticing him to fuck her.

How could he deny her? If she insisted, then he could only oblige. Pulling at the zipper of his trousers, he released his large, fully erect cock, and stroked lightly at the folds of her swollen mound. This was it – a line was about to be crossed for both of them once he penetrated her. He would no longer see her as the good, innocent little office girl, and she would no longer have to fantasise what it would be like to fuck him.

He pushed hard inside her hot, tight cunt, and groaned as he filled her whole. She loved the feel of him filling her, even though he was probably the largest of the dozens she had taken, and even though it hurt, the pain was a good sort of pain. One she’d longed for, especially from Jordan.

Thrusting hard in and out of her hot, wet cunt, feeling her muscles tighten around him greedily, he wasn’t sure how long he could last. Amelia then realised that she was on full view for all to see in front of the glass window, but this just excited her even more.

He drove into her soaked sex faster and faster, over and over. He needed to feel her come, so he placed his hand between her thighs as he fucked her from behind, and rubbed at her clit with his fingers

Amelia felt her orgasm grow, and she tightened all over, and the ripples of her shuddering climax consumed her slender frame, convulsing uncontrollably all over Jordan’s beautiful, hard, erect penis. This was too much for Jordan to handle; hearing Amelia’s little voice yell with pleasure sent his own orgasm spilling freely from him, and into her hot cunt. When he finally pulled out of her, he watches as his hot white come spills from her folds and rolls down her inner thigh. Loving the site before him, Jordan realises there and then that he wanted to know more about this mysterious, innocent looking girl.

“Well done on your stats, Amelia,” he smirks, and pats her playfully on her bare arse. She smiles inwardly, as he was everything she imagined, and more.

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