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This author is new to my author friend list, but just as appreciated as all the rest. Here is K’s (btw loving the short and secretive name) newest book, and I have to say I love her covers, so classy.

K’s Book of Fantasies Trilogy WHITE, RED and BLACK have 36 short romance-erotica stories each! The release date was April 29th.

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Red CoverMedium

Book of Fantasies RED is my second book in my Book of Fantasies Trilogy. Here is the back description:

Let your wildest dreams transport you to the places you’ve always wanted to visit. This erotic collection of tantalizing short stories is a road map to locations deep within the realm of fantasy. These 36 sensual tales invite you into a world of steamy encounters and expose you to wantonness that will leave you aching for more. There is a fantasy for everyone in this collection as the tawdry tales tantalize and thrill, exposing hidden desires. From a chance encounter with a stranger on a country road, to the confines of a deserted hospital room, these stories entice and demand that you leave your inhibitions at the door as you are drawn deeper inside these lusty, hypnotic fantasies. Visions of eroticism pull you in and take you down roads some only dream of, finally sweeping you into each stunning climax. Satisfaction is guaranteed in this intense collection focusing on the eroticism of place.

Chapter 2excerpt


“In a swift shot forward, Ryder grabbed my face, his only inches from mine. “Yes,” he answered in a growl and kissed me, his lips soft but demanding, questioning my willingness. I didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, my hands pressing against the back of his neck to hold him to me. His hands fell to my chest, and he began unbuttoning my shirt. Apparently, he hadn’t been joking about being okay with removing my clothes. I couldn’t believe Ryder Lexington was pulling me to the floor, beneath him, his whole body almost as hard as the erection that pressed into my thigh.”

snippet phto

You can purchase RED here: Print edition on Book of Fantasies: Red (Book of Fantasies Trilogy) (Volume 2), and the eBook formats on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble NOOKKindle and Apple iBooks!



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