My Very Own Mystery Tutor


last year I had an email sent to me, via my old website, by a tutor who had found himself to stumble across my website-I have no idea how-and had become “consumed” by my story. That’s right, A Taylor Made Student use to be on my website for free. Anyway, he wrote me a very naughty and extremely interesting message stating about how a section in my story reminded him of his own personal sexual experience with a college student.

He went into quite some detail about it and I have to say, it got me a little turned on. Well, after that I heard nothing from him until a couple of months ago, where he contacted me notifying me that he had purchased my book and was able to continue where he left off.

I was so happy to hear from him, we got chatting, he told me how my story excited him and decided to write me a fantasy story of his own which he had about me. Now most people would find this strange, but not me. In fact I loved it. The story got me quite aroused to say the least-not to mention he is an amazing writer.

So here is it, as I really wanted to share with you and I have asked him to write me more. So watch this space…

Mr A (Sex Education)

The view from my College classroom is of the entrance to the girls changing rooms. It was not the best of views, just a brick wall and old paint flaked door. When I worked late on a night like tonight you wouldn’t even see anyone coming or going. Well, perhaps you may see the Caretaker on the odd occasion. All extra-curricular activities had finished about half an hour ago and the last of the students had left the premises, or so I thought. I watch as a young male student that I recognise approach the girls changing room door. He shiftily surveys the area before placing a hand on the door as if to enter.

I slam the book that I am reading down hard onto my desk. The boy spins around to assess where the noise that had startled him had emanated and unwillingly comes eye to eye with my angry gaze as I stare at him through the window. He quickly turns on his heels and runs out of sight.

Wondering why he would want to break into the girls changing room, I decide to investigate. I turn off the light, leave the room and head to the girls changing room.

I’m now standing where the student was just moments ago. I too look around and cannot see any sign of him, so I push the changing room door. To my surprise it moves ajar.

I peek into the dimly lit changing room through the gap between door and frame, but cannot see anything. “Alex, Is that you?” a hushed female voice comes from the shadows.

I fling open the door and step into the room. “Who’s in here?” I demand to know.

You step out from behind a partition. You are dressed in a light summery dress. The length of which, barely covers your thighs, but the only leg on show is between the hemline and the top of the over-the-knee socks that you are wearing. Your head is tilted down your eyes looking at the floor. “I’m sorry Sir I was waiting for Alex.” You say coyly as you nervously play with your hair.

“Why?” I ask intrigued.

“Well Sir, I had a bet with some friends that I could lose my virginity by the end of the day. I’m the only one of my friends that hasn’t.” You sob.

I step forward to console you and rest your head against my chest. “You don’t want to lose your virginity to an inexperienced young man like him.” I say reassuringly as I coax your hair, fingering it behind your ear. “Wouldn’t you rather give it to a man that knows what you would like?” I smile at you sweetly as you look up at me. I gently place my hand under your chin and tilt your head up. You close your tear stained eyes as I lean in and kiss your delicate pouting lips. I then hastily pull away. Your dewy eyes show your rejection. “Sir, I’ve gotten your shirt all wet.” You say plucking at the tear stains on my shirt. You then begin to tenderly unbutton my shirt. I don’t stop you because I can feel a tingling sensation in my groin. My penis is pushing hard against the inside of my pants, you see my arousal. My shirt is now unbuttoned and un-tucked showing my manly taught chest. I take hold of your shoulders and turn you around so that your back is against my bare chest. I bend you forward so that you have to place your hands out in front of you onto the cold wall. With my right foot, I gently tap against your black shoes, spreading your legs apart as if you are about to be frisked. Standing directly behind you, I firmly glide my hands down the side of your body, feeling the contours of your breasts, flat stomach and the curves of your waist. My hands come to rest on your tensed small buttocks and I slowly lift your dress upwards with my fingers so the material is gathered in my hands. The hemline of your dress is now up by your waist and I can see that you are wearing a delicate, white cotton thong. I kneel behind you on the floor and manoeuvre my face to rest between your pert cheeks. I inhale in the smell of fresh linen and the dampness of your young pussy. I gently lick your inner thighs and butt cheeks as I tease your thong from your sumptuous hips. I pull your panties past your silky, smooth, slender thighs and then let them fall to the floor resting around your ankles. You subtly step out of them. You are now standing there, bent over with your hands against the wall, knickerless. I take a moment to look at your long slim legs hidden by your over-the-knee socks and your small tight pussy that is yearning to be fucked. I begin to roll down your socks revealing your perfect, golden, tanned legs and at the same time I lightly tongue your fresh sweet tasting pussy. You clench your thighs and push down onto my mouth. I unbuckle your shoes and let you step out of them before removing your socks, exposing your dainty feet to the cold hard floor.

I now have your pussy babbling warm sweet juice into my mouth. It is now that I move away. You look around at me in exhausted frustration. I get to my feet, take you by the hand and usher you to the showers.

I kick my shoes off and remove my socks as our passion quickens. You unfasten my trouser button and fly as I frenetically rip off my shirt before grabbing hold of the collar of your dress and lift your dress off over your head. Your long dark hair floats down over your shoulders. We stand there still drinking in the sex that oozes from our beautiful bodies. You stand there innocent in just a small white bra, whereas I exude confidence, my throbbing cock curled up inside my white Calvin Klein’s. Throbbing, bursting to be set free by your small manicured hands. I hit the shower activation button before you have chance to release my coiled writhing cock from its material prison.

At first there is a burst of cold water that sprays across us causing you to grasp me close. Your soft skin has goose pimples so I clutch you tighter, kissing you as the warming water runs down our faces. My hands run up the small of your back, sending an erotic shiver down your spine. I nip the clasp on your bra and slide the straps from your shoulders then toss it into the changing room.

You look at me longingly knowing the moment is almost upon us. My left hand grabs the back of your right thigh and I lift your leg up wrapping it around my sturdy waist. You tug at my briefs and my huge thick shaft springs free, another tug and the Calvin Klein’s fall to the soaked shower floor.

You fling your arms around my broad shoulders and caress my drenched hair with your hands. I lift you off of your feet and you wrap your other leg around me using the solid round curve of my buttocks to hold you in position. I firmly grasp my pulsing penis in my right hand as I steady you with the other. You know what is coming next and you feel the tip of my cock touch your pussy lips. It stops there for a second and then slides inside you. You let out a yelp and your face grimaces at the hot rush of pain in your vagina. I brush your wet hair back away from your face and kiss you softly. Our tongues entwine and our mouths push hard against each others. My hands are resting firmly on your silky wet butt cheeks, my fingers indenting into your soft skin. My biceps flex as I motion you up and down my shaft. Your pussy slowly envelops and then releases my penis. You can feel the veins of my thick shaft against the walls of your pussy; it sends shivers all over your body as my mouth sensitively licks and nibbles your nipples.

The warm water is now cascading down our locked bodies, but your small frame is finding it hard to stay wrapped around my bulky torso, so you lower your toned legs until your feet are back on the ground. We are momentarily apart, so I slide down and sit on the wet tiled floor and beckon you to sit on my lap and muscular thighs. Once again I am inside you and we are one. I place my hands on your hips and dictate the rhythm for you to keep. I can see the enjoyment in your eyes as you throw your head back in pleasure. I watch the sprayed water trickle from your beautiful face, down your neck and over your small pert breasts. You feel a tingling sensation all over your body and a smile grows. There is concern in your eyes as you are fearful of the unknown. You embrace it though and you find it harder to breath. I thrust you back and forth and up and down on my slick long shaft. “Yes!” your screams of delight are uncontrollable and you are pushing hard onto my penis. My heavy breaths are in time with your orgasm induced pants. You are cumming hard and fast. Your wet hair is whipping back and forth spraying my face. I dig my fingers into your buttocks and you can feel yourself gushing your pussy juices all over me as I hold you tightly and push my throbbing cock deep into you. “Fuck me, Fuck me. Cum inside me, Sir” You scream as I relent and fill you with my hot cum. I let out a gasp of enjoyment “Yes Carrie.” I say, exhaling, gasping in the shower water. I then rest my head on your shoulder and bite into your neck.

Our exhausted bodies collapse beside one another and we lay there on the shower floor. You smile as you stare at my muscular body and think to yourself, who needs boys.

***** HOLD ON, there is another story below *****

3535__600xfloat=center_wenn20028746-bannerMy mystery tutor has Struck again, by giving me a Christmas theme naughty story. Fit, only for a very naughty ME! Yay, merry Christmas me 😉

I call this “On The Naughty List”

Christmas morning and you hear a knocking coming from downstairs. You stretch out the muscles of your toned body. A yawn develops and your soft plump lips open wide as you rise from the bed to investigate. You remove the dressing gown from its hook and slip it on over your tanned shoulders, fastening it at the waist, covering your vest top and shorts night clothes combination. You flip your long flowing dark hair so that it falls outside of the neck of the robe.

As you open your bedroom door there is another knock. You recognise that it is coming from your front door. Gingerly stepping downstairs you approach the door with thoughts of who it can be this early on Christmas Day morning.

Unlocking the door cautiously your heart begins to flutter nervously. You can feel the adrenalin pumping around your slender body.

Outside lays a very large gift wrapped box that is at least waist height and is as wide as it is tall. On top is a gigantic red ribbon and tag that says ‘Carrie’, I hope the gift inside is big enough for you’. You bite your lip as you study the present in trepidation. Moving next to it, you crouch down on your haunches. Your dressing gown rides up exposing the backs of your smooth thighs. Leaning forward you yank at the bow and it falls to the ground. You slide a finger between the wrapping paper causing it to tear open revealing a plain brown box. As you lift the flaps of the box you sense that the card is almost warm to touch. Peering inside, your robe gapes open making your pert cleavage visible. In the box you can make out red felt clothing edged with white fur, but the clothing is not flat it has shape to it, as if someone is wearing it.

Just then the box shudders slightly. You step back and clutch your dressing gown tight to your frame. A scent of aftershave evokes your senses sending shivers of arousal through your stomach towards your pussy.

The box opens and I slowly climb out presenting myself to you. My muscular torso is partially visible behind the red and white jacket that is held loosely closed by a thick black leather belt. As I step out of the box you can see that the only other item of clothing that I am wearing is a pair of black boots. You take a moment to scan my solid calves and slyly shift your eyes, taking in my muscular bronzed thighs that are slightly masked by the white fur trim of the jacket.

Loosening your grip on your dressing gown you reach out a hand to touch my defined Pecs. In doing so your gown drapes open showing me your petite perfectly formed body covered by tight white shorts and loose pink vest. Your hand glides over the ridges of my abs and is momentarily stopped by the belt holding my jacket closed. With your other hand you flick the toggle of my belt and release the clasp. The belt hangs limp in its loops of the jacket. The jacket relinquishes its grip on my hard chest for the first time you see my flaccid shaft. The girth of it shocks you as you barely manage to encompass it in your hand. You can physically feel the blood coursing through it as you gently pull me close to you and out of the way of any possible onlookers.

You tiptoe up to kiss me whilst still holding my now hard throbbing manhood. “Fuck me hard, Anthony.” You sexily snarl through perfect white, gritted teeth.

I lift you off of your feet and on to the doorstep so that my head is inline with your chest. I bite through your vest on to your left nipple causing you to grope my shaft tighter. Your other hands nails dig into my back through the red felt jacket forcing me to release my bite. I lower myself, my head level with your hips and you move your hands to push your fingertips roughly through my hair. I take hold of your tight white cotton shorts with my forceful hands and rip the crotch out from underneath. I reach up with both hands and place them firmly on your hips. My thumbs indent your skin and come to rest on your hip bone. Exerting downward pressure whilst my fingers pinch your soft peachy buttocks I pull you to the floor.

As you lay there in the missionary position with your shorts ripped I quickly move my head up to your exposed pussy. My tongue laps at it hard. My saliva makes it moist, but I can tell that you are already wet and ready for me to be inside you. I drag you close to me and with one hand hold both your wrists together over your head, pinning them to the floor. My other hand takes hold of my penis and guides it to your vagina.

I pries your pussy lips aside and press my rock hard cock against your pussy. The girth of my penis stretches you open and you wince with excited pain. I don’t stop as you let out a breathy gasp. Your shackled hands grip my wrist tightly. Your nails embed into my skin. I run my hand underneath your vest and firmly grasp your left breast which is till tender from my bite. You arch your back in pleasure as you feel my shaft throbbing inside you, rocking back and forth. The pressure of my body on your pelvis is insatiable. You move your head to one side so your left cheek is pressed flat to the floor. I lower my face close to yours and nibble your earlobe. You turn and face me with wild eyes “Harder,” you pant breathlessly. My hand scratches down your back and grips your buttocks and I place a finger inside you. You writhe and arch your back again. I relinquish the grip on your hands. You claw at my hair, pulling my head towards your flushed face. Our mouths come together frantically kissing. You begin pushing your pelvis harder and harder against mine. The moment of pure ecstasy washes over you. Your pussy is now cumming over my piston like dick. You wail with delight, so I put my hand over your gasping mouth to muffle your euphoric whines. I withdraw my wet silky penis from inside you, push up your vest to reveal your pert breasts and ejaculate my warm orgasmic cream onto your sensitive erect nipples.

“Well it looks like Santa isn’t the only one that cums on Christmas Day.” I say smugly as I re-fasten my belt.



There was me all ill in bed when I received another email from my mystery tutor and that instantly brightened my day. Happy New Year everyone

I call this My Hero, 

A long fish tail sequinned silver dress flowed down on its hanger covering one of the wardrobe doors. You sat adjacent with legs crossed, in front of the wardrobe’s mirrored door wearing just a bath towel, pouting as you finished applying your make-up. The white quilted bed behind you plays host to your underwear, a small white thong. The low cut, backless dress does not allow for you to wear any bra. You drop the plush cotton towel to the floor, leaving you momentarily naked. You smile as you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror whilst slipping your slender legs into your white thong. You stand there admiring your gorgeous body and its beautiful butterscotch tan that stands out against your pristine white panties. Next on is the figure hugging sparkling dress, pulled up over your toned legs, thin hips and pert round breasts. Your long dark hair rests on your bare back. You bend down and slip on some high heeled strapped shoes. These accentuate your legs even further by tightening your calves and thighs. A honk of a car horn can be heard outside this is shortly followed by a ring of your doorbell. You pick up your purse from the dresser, spray on your favourite perfume, a little squirt between your cleavage and then head down the wooden staircase towards the front door.
Upon opening the door you are greeted by a handsome man in his thirties. I am in chaffeurs attire including hat. “Miss Carrie? Your Limo awaits.” You eye my backside in my slim fit suit as I escort you to the Limousine.
Once inside you make yourself comfortable on the stretch leather seating, laying your sumptously silky smooth legs up on the seats, crossing your legs. I can see you in my rear view mirror and erotic thoughts of what I would like to do to you rush through my mind. Just then your phone begins to ring. You open your purse and retrieve your phone. I listen to the conversation you are having whilst I begin to drive away. You appear irrate and upset. “Something up, Miss Carrie?” I ask sympathetically.

“Yes. My date, has decided to go with some other bitch. I don’t want to go to the New Years party now.” You say with a lump in your throat.

“Well you have me and the car all night. I can take you anywhere your heart desires?” You move towards the unwound front screen that separates me from you.

“Anywhere? What if my heart desires you?” You say, placing a hand on the back of my neck, beneath my shirt collar.

“Well then I would have to take you to somewhere quiet, where we wouldn’t be disturbed.” I say as I turn off onto a country road.
I park the limo on the verge of a field, outside is pitch black. I get out of the car and into the back where I slide up alongside you. I reach to remove the straps from your dress, but you stop me.

“I’ve hired you, you do what I demand.” You say grabbing hold of the knot on my black tie.

“Ok, Mistress Carrie,” I say submissively.

“Eat me!” You demand through gritted white teeth and bright red lipstick. You push me back on the seat and shimmy your dress up passed your sexy toned thighs then sit on top of me. Resting your hands on my chest you firmly push me back so that I am now flat on the stretch seating. Your legs are straddled across my waist, so you begin to shuffle along my body until your thighs are directly above my head. I can now smell the scent of your pussy through your knickers. I watch as you reach down and pull your thong to one side exposing your pussy lips. Your stunning eyes tell me what you yearn. I place my hands at the top of your inner thighs and I am amazed at how strong they feel, clamped around my ears.

“You must work out?” I say from between your legs.

“I dance a lot, now shut up and pleasure me.” You say looking down at me whilst brushing your hair away from your face…
I softly thumb your pussy lips apart and slowly glide my tongue inside, lapping gently on your clitoris. My mouth warmed by your fleshy smooth pussy lips as you press them against my face. You move your hips in rhythm with the licking of my tongue as you arch backwards, your hands planted behind you on the seat for support. I’m inhaling the sweet smell that your pussy exudes, my mouth and nose wet from the juices. I increase the pressure of my tongue on your clitoris and begin to suck a little harder on your lips, holding them in my mouth and gently nibbling.
I push my mouth harder still against your minge and extend my long thick tongue inside you. My taste buds tingle from the tang of your babbling pussy. You react to every ridge on my tongue with gentle moans of satisfaction. A tickling sensation can be felt through your stomach all the way to your young firm breasts. As you straddle my face dictating the level of intensity you desire you move one of your hands from the seat and feel my groin. You can feel a large solid bulge and you blindly work on unfastening my fly. Whilst still sitting upon me as I pleasure you, you slide your hand inside my briefs and coax out my large semi prone penis. From behind your back you begin to masturbate my cock, feeling the foreskin repeatedly cover and uncover my helmet in your hand. My breaths have become deeper and you can feel the vibration of them as my nose is forced onto your shaven pubic mound.
You relinquish your grip on my shaft to turn around 180 degrees and now face my erect throbbing cock. I am fingering your G spot whilst you bend over and envelop my penis in your small, red lipstick mouth. Our mouths are in unison on each others erogenous zones. The humming noises of pleasure shoot sensations all over your body. You take my penis out of your mouth. It glistens with your saliva. “Fuck, I just want you so fucking bad.” You pant. I shift from under you and put you on all fours on the seat. “Screw me from behind Mr Chauffeur.” You say cheekily.

“It’s Anthony, Miss Carrie.” I reply as I pull your thong down around your thighs. I rest a kneeled leg between your legs and the other on the floor for leverage. I finger your pink pussy open and press my penis head against it. There’s a slight resistance before the gasp of delight as my large love muscle slides inside you. All nine inches in one stroke. You lick your mouth as the heavy panting has dried your lips.

“Fuck me fast I’m coming already.” you scream, shocked. I force my body weight on you, pumping my cock in and out of you. Your pussy is so tight and wet. I pound it harder. My balls slap against your taught skin. I can see my dick shiny and smooth as I fuck you. You bite the leather seats as orgasm floods through your cunt and mind. “Yes Anthony. You are a god.” You scream as white cum covers my long shaft. I bang harder against your buttocks and feel a bruising sensation before the ecstasy of my orgasm wipes the pain away. I thrust my cock fully in you as my load surges through my penis and deep into you. You sigh deeply with gratification. I withdraw my length slowly and you turn and kiss me for the first time. “That was some ride.” You say flush faced pulling up your panties and shifting your dress back down.

******* yep there is another one. Keep scrolling *******

got another little story. I will never get bored of these.

I call this one Come On Over…


I lay in bed with my laptop beside me looking at your modelling photos. I give in to the urge coursing through me and I slide my right hand between stomach and waist band of my boxers until my hand has a firm grip on my already hard shaft. I slowly pull down on my long shaft and my forskin reveals my sensitive throbbing helmet. I begin to type you a message “I wanna come over and fuck you.” I click send and slowly masterbate my solid cock as I wait your response. You lay in your bed naked, partially covered by a white duvet. Your left leg exposed, protruding from the cover. You have a visible panty tan line that you trace playfully with a finger as you read my message. You type your reply “come over now. I’m waiting.” Pressing send, a smile lights up your face. As I read the message I become more aroused. Adrenalin rushes through me as I jump from my bed, slam the laptop shut, pull on my jeans over my still hard bulge, slip a T-shirt and shoes on then head to your house. You lay in your bed with one hand lightly caressing your smooth hairless pussy as you flick through my recent emails, unaware that I am on my way over to give you a good hard fucking that your petite fit body has been yearning.

I arrive at your house and open the gate to your back yard. I make an attempt to open the back door to your house. The door catch clicks open and I stealthily creep inside. I walk through the empty house and gingerly make my way upstairs. Once upstairs I carefully survey the rooms, only one door is closed. Logic tells me that the room with the closed door must be your bedroom. I approach the door and gently turn the handle. I push the door slowly and it silently slides open.  I stand there looking at you on your bed. I unfasten my fly and release my large flaccid penis from my jeans. It hangs proudly through the fly.
You lay on your bed with your legs apart and bent. The soles of your feet flat on the bed. Your laptop is open beside you. The quilt rests over your knees like a tent and it obscures your face from view. The bottom of the quilt has ridden up exposing your dainty feet, slender calves and I can see both of your hands in-between your thighs. Your left hand is coaxing your bare pussy whilst your right’s index and fore-finger are motioning in and out of your soft wet vagina.
I step closer and can now see your head flung back on the pillow, your eyes are closed and your hair is draped across the pillow. You are in deep sexual thought and oblivious to my presence. I kneel down at the foot of the bed and pick up your french knickers from the floor. I put them in my pocket as a memento.
I kneel watching you masturbate and I listen to the quiet groans of pleasure. I can see your pussy and fingers glistening from the juices of your wet tingling cunt. With you still unaware of my presence I lean forward and place my hands on the end of the bed. You become aware of the unexpected pressure on the foot of the bed and look down between your legs to see my handsome chiselled features staring back at you with a wry smile.

“Who?” is the only word you manage to hushly say through your dry mouth, before I head under the quilt and plunge my face between your toned, tanned thighs. “Oh!” You gasp as you pull my head harder against your pussy mound. You don’t care that your unfinished question wasn’t answered because my tongue feels so good darting inside your pussy. My warm mouth pushes softly against your lips as my tongue laps at your clit. It’s flicking makes your head thrust back deeper into your pillow. You become momentarily rigid and you grip my head, digging in your nails into my scalp. Your hands begin to motion my head back and forth against your lavishly wet cunt. My big tongue laps at your lips. You can feel the sensation of every rough taste bud over your silky gushing pussy. You look through blurry eyes at my hard thick long cock protruding from my jeans. “Stick it in me now stranger…. And Fuck me quick.” You demand flushed face and horny.

“The names Anthony, bitch.” I reply as I place a hand on the top of each of your inner thighs and spread your legs open as I slide up the bed. My huge throbbing shaft pushes quickly passed your sensitive pussy lips and is enveloped by your warm spasming vagina. Your cunt contracts, gripping my cock, as I pound it deep inside you. You thrust your pelvis hard against my cock, not caring about the rough feel of jeans or zip on your pulsating pussy.  The bed rocks to our sweaty, frantic rhythm. Your arms spread out across the bed as you feel the rush of orgasm rise over you. You lick your lips and your breathing quickens. We are grappling at each other’s bodies and our panting become louder. Your breathy panting becomes screams of delight. The ecstasy of orgasm is almost upon us as you dig your nails into my clothed back, clawing at my T-shirt. You can no longer speak, but stare wanting into my eyes. The ability to focus has gone and your body spasms in orgasm. “Take it all Carrie.” I moan as I thrust my long strokes of throbbing muscle deep inside your cunt. You scream and contort as you pull me close to you and sink your teeth into my neck as you feel yourself cumming in unison with me. I remove my silky wet cock from your babbling warm pussy. I ejaculate my hot white creamy cum over your naval and watch as it runs down the sculpted channel of your stomach. I tuck my still prone dick awkwardly back into my jeans and fasten the fly. I jump from the bed and before leaving you, still writhing in ecstasy; I say “Now that’s better than internet sex?”

**************Yep, as you’ve guessed there is more*****************

This time he has given me a special valentines day story.

I call this one My Secret Valentine.


You’ve just returned home from a valentines date and as you let yourself in through your front door you see a figure standing in the shadows. It’s dark so it is hard to make out who it is. You continue inside. As you enter your empty house you begin to wonder who the person could be. So you take a look out of the window towards where you saw the silhouette. No-one’s there. You frown, puzzled to where they have gone, but quickly decide to ignore it and head into the lounge, flicking on the lights.
You place your clutch bag on the coffee table and catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror. You are dressed all in black. Your red hair pulled back into a tight pony tail and lips painted red too. You smile sweetly at your reflection as you look down at your tight black dress. You stand tall with your breasts heaving and almost popping out. Your long slim legs covered with fish net stockings that finish a few inches short of your hem. The suspender belts that hold them up barely sneak up under your dress with your peachy ass almost being exposed.
You freeze as there’s a distinct thud at the door. You begin to question whether you shut the door properly. Did you lock it? You totter into the hall way on your high heeled stilettos. The door is closed. You exhale, breathing a sigh of relief. Something moves outside the other side of the door. You catch the shadowy movement as there’s a change in light cast by the security light. You look outside, but cannot see anything. As you turn to walk away there is a knock at the door. Peering outside you see a figure dressed in a tuxedo. Their back is facing you as they look out at the green opposite your house. Who could it be you think? As you begin to open the door to confront him the lights inside the house turn off throwing everything into darkness. You struggle to close the door as it is being held open by the stranger from outside. He forces the door back onto you as he squeezes through the gap.
His strong torso and arms push hard against your petite frame as he grapples to hold your arms down by your sides. He kicks the door closed behind him as he lifts you off of your feet and into the pitch black lounge. Paralysed with fear you try to adjust your eyes to the darkness, desperate to see your perpetrator.  He pushes you backwards over the side of the sofa and forces your legs apart. As he does so one of your arms becomes free and you pull his face close enough to see his face in the darkness. Then your hands are bound by his once more. His features were handsome and chiselled, but just because he was good looking you aren’t going to let him have his way with you, not without putting up a fight. You wriggle from side to side; kicking your fish net toned legs, as he remains standing and pushes his crotch between them. Your legs flail helplessly either side of him as he leans over you. With one hand, he pins both of your hands behind your back, as you lay sideways across the seat cushions of the sofa. With one of his hands free he bares his weight on top of you and unfastens his fly. As he pushes forward on top of you, you feel yourself sink deeper into the cushions and your legs tuck up towards your body. You momentarily feel his hot breath as he brings his face close to yours to look into your wide eyes. With your hands sandwiched between your back and the sofa, unable to move from his one handed grasp, he reaches between your legs and pulls your small black lace thong to one side, exposing your bald soft pussy lips. He slides two fingers of his free hand manfully inside you making you throw your head back at first out of fear but then from anticipated excitement. You find yourself no longer kicking, but instead wrapping your legs around his muscular torso as he buries his head between your thighs.
He pushes his mask up and begins lapping at your clit as he gropes at your pert breasts, pulling your bra loose allowing your breasts to heave free from the grasp of their material imprisonment. He grabs at them firmly, squeezing them as you begin to bite your drying bottom lip, desperate to moisten them. He now frees your hands from behind you, so that he can pull your dress down, revealing your flat silken stomach. You still do not move as he runs his tongue upwards from your naval, nibbling at your skin as he reaches your breasts. He grabs at your breasts whilst placing a hand around your throat. You feel his hand tighten around your throat as he pushes your head to lay flat to one side against the seat cushion. He darts his tongue into your ear before biting down hard on your neck. You wince in pain and let out a yelp.
With his weight spread across you he once again moves his hand downwards between your warm damp thighs. He works his penis loose from his trousers and lays hard down against your small frame. With your legs spread apart and him amongst them, one handed he rips your thong from your pert buttocks and stuffs them in his suit pocket. Next he thumbs your moist cunt lips open as he pushes his wide helmet and long ridged shaft deep inside you. You exhale a growl of contempt that quickly turns to pleasure as he continues to ride up against your pussy mound with a piston like motion. You remove your hands from behind your back to run them over his muscular physique. As you run your hands through his hair you pull him towards you. He releases his grasp on your throat and you turn to sink your teeth into his neck. He doesn’t flinch, but continues to fuck you hard. Your legs clamp around his waist as he thrusts his massive manhood deeper and deeper inside you. You carry on sucking hard on his thick neck to relieve the ecstatic pain that his girth is giving your wet throbbing pussy. He now takes a firm grip of your pony tail and lifts you up so that your head now drapes backwards over the side of the sofa. You view the room upside down as he pulls at your ponytail, whilst thrusting faster inside your wanting cunt.
You unbutton his shirt and run your hands around his sculpted chest until they meet at his spine and you pull him closer to your bare breasts. You writhe in unison as the sweat builds between your bodies. He’s fucking you harder and harder. Your bodies slip against each other as you pant for air. As your breaths get deeper you feel your eyes closing and your whole body tingles partly due to pain, but more often now due to the rush of orgasm enveloping you. Every movement of his ridged shaft causes you to convulse, as your legs become limp and relax. His muscles become taught and he holds your arms down with his as his strokes become longer and deeper making you cry out in ecstasy. “Fuck me harder you bastard.” With this his pace increases and you find it almost impossible to breathe. Your mouth is dry and you have no saliva to remedy it. You scream as he thrusts and you feel his hot juices flow inside your gushing orgasming pussy. His arms grip yours with power as he thrusts again, before collapsing on top of you. The pair of you drained of energy, drenched with sweat.
Happy Valentines he says, getting up leaving you panting exposed and exhausted from the ordeal

©This a copyright of Carrie Anne Ward. All rights reserved

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