English Woman In New York


My time at the BDSM writers con.

BDSM Writers Con Flyer 2

An English woman in New York – The BDSM writers con event.

Well what can I say? My love was calling me, begging me to return and indulge in such wondrous delights. I was addicted from the very first time we met and I knew that soon enough I would be back and that it would be better than the first time we met. Yes New York City, you had me… Hook. Line. Sinker!

I first came to New York 6 years ago and I was like a love sick puppy dog. There wasn’t enough time to do all the wonderful things the city had to offer. So I vowed that I would return to NYC, as I sat in the cab, crying, on my way to JFK airport. Oh boy did I return, and for a better reason than last time. This time I meant business, literally.

Who knew that when I returned to the city it would be as an erotic BDSM romance author? Not me, that was for sure. So when my writer friend Paige Matthews suggested we do this I was like “hell yeah!” not only was I reunited with my love, but I also got to build my knowledge on writing, network with other authors, publisher and reader, and I got to meet my friend Paige face to face.

Ok there were a few bumps along the way – and not in a good way – but it was worth it, because the second I stepped one foot inside Heathrow airport, things started to look up for me.

There was me, ready to sit my bony arse down in one of the many poky economy seats on board my British Airways flight, endless fidgeting to get my body in to an “almost” comfortable position, when a tall brunette brought something wonderful into my life… BUSINESS CLASS SEATS!!! Oh my, was I in heaven. To this day I don’t know what happened, why I was upgrade. Our eyes locked, as I dragged my wobbly suit case towards her. She eagerly received my boarding pass, tapped her manicured nails frantically at her key board. I watched as she opened her mouth and spoke what were possibly the best 9 little words to reach my ears. “You have been upgraded to business class miss **** (can’t give you my real surname now can I)

One class down from 1st class and two up form economy, I was in heaven. Never had I been so relaxed on a plane before. I had my own cubical, free champagne, three course meal, my own fully reclining seat and repeatedly referred to as Miss ****. Wow, I felt special and that was only the start.

I arrived in the US late Monday 18th August and was greeted by my good friend Paige and her husband. We hugged and chatted as we headed to Connecticut, however jetlag got the better of me and I passed out cold on the journey back. I spent two days connecting with my friend, discussing what we were going to do over the coming days at the event, where we wanted to go whilst we were in the city and much more.

Wednesday 20th came and reality was setting in. I was like a dog desperate to be unleashed (appropriate pun don’t you think?) impatiently scratching at the door ready to explore. We arrived at grand central and I was beaming from ear to ear. We walked a few block towards our hotel “The Roosevelt” up two flights and waited. Waiting to meet my soon to be friends, and fellow kinky authors. Then Doctor Charley came round the corner and after months of speaking only via email, it was great to finally meet her in person. Shorter then I imagined, but definitely as fiery as I thought she would be. She hugged me and introduced me to some of the other authors already there. I was welcomed with open arms and my accent most definitely had an effect on the Americans lol. 30 minutes there, Paige and I then decided to leave and head towards down town Manhattan to check out Washington square, on that very hot Wednesday afternoon. I was soon cooled off when I decided to dip my tiny feet in the fountain.

The next few days were pretty awesome. Thursday was the official opening of the BDSM writers con, Where Doctor Charley introduced herself and the other people of her panel, and people who helped put the event together. We got to meet the Joey W. Hill, Rose Carole (both authors) and the NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) they are a great organisation that help fight for the rights of people in the scene and they were also one of many sponsors of the event. After all formal intros were given, the conferences began.

Two suites filled with different conference. Some were live demos on BDSM play and instruments used in the scene, some to do with marketing and profile building. There was a publisher’s panel where I had a possible publisher’s interest in my threesome story and then there was conference on character and story building.

Even though I like to call myself a promo in the BDSM world, being a real life Switch for 5 years now, I have experienced a lot of kinky things but I had yet to experience a violet wand. (Or neon wand as they are also known) I have wrote a scene in my second book A Taylor Made Master, where Taylor uses the violet wand , turning himself in a human conductor and shocks Kiera repeatedly with his own hands.

I knew a fair bit about the tool and what it did but I hadn’t felt it for myself. I suggest to Paige that we go to this demo –  it was possibly the only class I did suggest lol – but I’m pretty sure, after a session with the wand at a private fetish club, she was very grateful I did suggest the class ha-ha. Oh yes, she liked the wand very much, as did I. It was just how I thought it would be. It wasn’t like a static electric shock; it was sensual with an option to have more bite. This and the edge play demo from Eric Pride were my favourite parts of the conferences. Only because the moment I was in those sessions I was buzzing with excitement. Excited to be in an environment I knew so well.

I was so busy over those 4 days that my life literally flew by me. I barely had time to see the city and shop, but I’m not sorry for it. My hotel was invade by a television crew filming “person of interest” whom of which I managed to piss off by making a drunken racket, after a great night out at the roof top bar. Wow, what an amazing bar it was, over looking Manhattan and facing the Empire state building.

Sunday, signing day. I was both joyful and anxious for that day. I was full of glee to be signing my books for my fellow fans, but fearful that no one would buy them. I had my table of goodies and my pen in hand ready. Ok I’m a pretty honest person and the signing day wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, but it was still amazing none the less. I got to know and had a giggle with some of the feature authors in my suite with me, and I sold 8 copies of my book.

I can hear you saying “wow only 8” well that was actually quite good considering the amount of people who stopped by and for an author not well known. I’m proud of my 8 books.

It was time to say goodbye to my true love, wipe the proverbial tear from my cheek, to hope and pray I’ll be back some day. Yep, now I am a poet too! To say I had a great time would an understatement. I would love to return again next year, but New York and I may get too attached. I have to let New York be free for a while, to experience and meet other people. I don’t mind, I know NYC will always love me and welcome back any time.

So off I flew – Nope, unfortunately there was no upgrade this time – eager to get home and put to use what I got from the conference

There are pictures of my travels in “the vanilla world of me” section on my website.

Also check of the anthology that I and 20 other authors at the BDSM writers con are part of. Click the link below to get you copy with a 30% discount. This is for a limited time only, otherwise check out Amazon to get your copy.

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7 comments on “English Woman In New York

  1. Carrie Anne,

    It was wonderful having you at BDSM Writers Con 2014. I look forward to having you return next year when we have an entirely new program and classes. It’s okay if you return yearly, we (and New York City) won’t mind. smiles.

    I wish you great success in all your endeavors and look forward to your new book(s).

    Live with passion,

    Dr. Charley Ferrer
    Host & Founder
    BDSM Writers Con

    • Thank you charley. It was a blast and great to meet everyone. I will defo come again, maybe not next year as I have a lot on next year but maybe year after. Who knows, the year after you might be coming to England 😉

  2. Hi, sounds like you had a great time and made some good contacts. I must admit those wands do look good and the anticipation must be just as good as the spark! Ouch! Keep up the good work.

    • Hmmm, sounds interesting. I was expecting it to be a prickly crack (if that makes sense) and is something I’d definitely like to try out. That merging of pleasure and pain is quite a sensation.

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