Chapter 1 Exclusive



this is an exclusive peek in to the new book I am currently working on. Here is the first chapter of my Erotic Romance, A Needle in a Haystack.

there is no release date yet, but I will keep you updated.







“God damn car! You piece of shit!”

I stood at the side of an almost desolate back road with my car bonnet lifted, leaning over the engine of my Mini Cooper, swearing and cursing. I had absolutely no idea what I was looking at or what I was doing but I felt that if I kicked and yelled at it enough the fucking thing might eventually work.

It was hot out, with only the smallest of a breeze, blowing by only every so often to cool my flesh. I was irritated and frustrated at my current predicament, and the heat was only adding to it. My skin was covered in a sheen of sweat, and my feet were beginning to swell inside my now not-so-white, Converse trainers.

I found a piece of A4 sized cardboard in the back of my Mini and began to fan myself with it, generating a forced breeze in an attempt to stop the perspiration from dripping from my perfectly made-up face. I tied the bottom of my white, baggy vest-top into a knot, exposing part of my abdomen, hoping it would cool me off just a tad.

I was on route to my auntie’s farm in Norwich—not out of choice—and everything had gone wrong; I already hated this stupid place. Seeing as my auntie lived out in the countryside, there was limited network service on my mobile in this area of the UK, so calling someone for help was out of the question. I gave up, the smoke ascending from my car bonnet lead me to believe my car was beyond help. The only solution left was to start walking, and hope I would either reach a village or a petrol station; somewhere I could make a call or seek rescue from.

I pulled at the handle of the driver’s side door of my car and tugged my suitcase from the back seat. I was not looking forward to walking on a road that barely saw the wheels of a car on it in this humid weather.

I slipped on my silver, aviator, Ray-Ban sunglasses, slammed the hood shut on my car and headed up the road in the direction I was originally before my car packed up and died on me. I continued my quest with one hand waving my makeshift fan, and the other tugging at my suitcase on wheels with a large overnight bag atop it. If only it was just overnight; no fucking chance of that. My bloody father had packed me off to this smelly, horseshit village with boring people and their ordinary lives. He said it would do me some good to learn the true meaning of hard work and respect whilst I was on my summer break from university for three months. Yeah, thanks dad! What a crock of bullshit. I’m going to be bored out of my fuckin’ mind.


An hour, a bloody hour, had past and the only cars to pass me were going in the opposite direction. I couldn’t blame them; they were probably desperate to get out of that pathetic town. I would do the same if my dad hadn’t threatened to take away my university funds if I didn’t do as he said. I remembered visiting my auntie when I was a kid and even back then I struggled to find things to do.  I just had to stick it out for three months, pretend I had changed, become the perfect, innocent little girl my dad hoped for and then I could go back to my exciting life in the city once again.

I had given up my mission to walk towards Flixton and sat at the side of the road on a small area of uncut grass that tickled at my legs, waiting to be either eaten alive by wild animals or to die of dehydration and starvation. I had no idea what was going to happen to me, but surely someone would pass by soon enough and save me. My feet were so sore I could no longer wear my Converse trainers so I untied the laces, peeled them off, and placed them at my side.

I realised only time would tell what would happen to me so I decided to take this moment to soak up the sun and top up my tan. Thoughts of my life in the city filled my mind. The parties and the rich, sexy man I had left behind. He was a powerful, older man with a family, and when my dad had found out about our affair he shipped me to this wasteland. I hated the country. I wasn’t a girl designed for the smelly turf and to be bitten to death by insects. I was the sort of girl that partied nearly every night in classy clubs, sipping expensive white wine with my friends and arranging my next manicure. I missed my luxuries already.


I bolted up straight from my lying position, my back covered with perspiration, when I heard a car approaching. I jumped to my feet, flattened my hair, and pulled my saturated vest-top from my sticky back. I ran out into the road, screaming and prancing for the red truck roaring towards me to stop. My heart fluttered as the truck only just missed me and screeched to a halt a few yards in front, fashioning two black skid marks on the hot, concrete road behind it. I bent down promptly to pick up my converses, suitcase and bag, and ran to the truck.

I stopped at the window of the driver’s side of the truck and was greeted by a young man with an angry expression on his face. His heavy brows were pinched together, his nostrils flared, and his jaw twitched.

“Are you fucking crazy?” Yelled the driver.

“I’m sorry but my car broke down up the road and I’ve been waiting an hour for someone to pass by. I couldn’t take the risk of you not seeing me,” I answered, frowning right back at him.

“Well you almost got yourself killed.” He took in a deep breath to calm his rage and turned his head forward to glare out the window at the front of his truck.

“Can you help me, please? I’m trying to get to Scully’s farm. I’m staying with my auntie who’s probably worried about me by now but I have no signal on my mobile to call her. Plus, I can’t leave my car there all night. I need to find the nearest phone, garage, anything,” I pleaded and fluttered my eye lids at him, hoping he found my innocent expression and beseeching face endearing.

“Get in.”

I squealed with joy, walked to the rear of the truck. Just as I was about to pick my suitcase up and throw it in the back of the truck, the young man jumped out of the vehicle and came to meet me. He tugged the suitcase and bag from my hands and chucked them aggressive into the back of the truck.

It was then, in the sunlight, I noticed him. He had mousy brown, wavy hair with natural streaks of blond going through it, obviously lightened over time from exposure to the sun. He was tall, about six foot I would say. He was wearing scruffy blue jeans, and I could see his athletic body hidden beneath a white T-shirt with red writing scrolled across the chest area. He had a strong jawline covered in stubble and a fairly straight nose. His dark brown eyes locked with mine for a moment and then quickly wandered south along my body, checking me out, before he climbed back in to the truck.

I was confident enough to guess he liked what he saw. I wasn’t exactly an eyesore and I certainly knew how to use my sex appeal, which was probably the reason my dad had banished me from our townhouse in London.

I stepped up in to the truck and set my bottom down on the slightly torn seat, next to the driver. He shifted the gear stick into drive and we set off down the road.


“Excuse me?” I questioned in bewilderment and turned my head to the side to look at him, but he didn’t look back. He just continued to stare at the road ahead of him.

“My name is Tyler-Jae, or just Tyler if you want,” he said in what sounded like an Australian accent.

“Oh, yeah, okay. I’m Cailey.” I smiled tightly and leaned my head out of the truck just a little, to feel the blast of air hit my flaming face.

“I’m passing by Scully’s farm, so I can take you there. I’ll arrange for someone to pick up your car tomorrow and take it to the garage. It will be safe on that road overnight, don’t worry,” he said in a flat tone.

That I could well believe. To have a car stolen in this village would be like the pope visiting me to give me a medal for being saint of the year—that would never happen!

“Great. Thank you,” I answered.

I wasn’t in the mood to chat. I just wanted to shower the sweat from my body, eat, and crawl into bed. Something told me I wouldn’t be allowed to sleep when I reached my auntie’s, but I could at least try to get some kip in this truck, if this guy would shut up for one second.

“Hey, do you mind if I take a nap? I’m so tired from everything I’ve been through today.”

“Err, yeah, sure.”

I repositioned myself, pressing my left shoulder up against the back of my seat, rested my head against it and stuck my bare feet out the open window. Even with the windows down and the truck speeding along the dirty back road at fifty miles per hour, causing a rush of air to flow throughout, it was still piping hot in this moving tin can.

“Hey Tyler, it’s just an idea, but maybe you should consider air conditioning in this rusty, old truck of yours.” I heard no reply before I fell in to a deep sleep.




It was the lack of motion and noise within the truck that woke me from my sleep. I yawned, stretched out my aching body, and sat up straight in my seat. I looked to my right expecting to see Tyler, but he wasn’t there. I looked out the front window and noticed we were parked in what looked like a beat-up, family run petrol station, and Tyler was deep in conversation with an older man. He had short grey hair and a grey bread. He was just a little shorter than Tyler and mindlessly swinging a set of keys on his index finger.

I took this moment to study Tyler; he wasn’t that bad looking. With the right person to guide him on his fashion sense and get him to stand with a little more confidence, he would be unstoppable with the ladies.

Then he smiled!

That prefect, white grin left me wet between the thighs, but something told me he wasn’t the type of guy looking for a roll in the hay with a naughty girl like me. Then again, I could have been wrong; I didn’t know him.

I quickly flipped down the visor to his truck, hoping that, like all other vehicles, there would be a mirror there. I sighed with relief upon seeing one but gasped in shocked when I took one look at my reflection in it. The heat inside this rust bucket he called a vehicle had once again become unbearable; therefore my makeup had pretty much melted off. I didn’t have the time to reapply the whole of my face, as I saw a figure moving from the corner of my eye. When I looked over to where I had seen Tyler previously, he had finished his conversation with the older man and was making his way back to the truck.

I quickly pulled out my compact powder, took the sponge from within, and padded it lightly over the pronounced areas of my face to hide the shine, and swiftly wiped the black marks from under my eyes, where my mascara had run. It wasn’t the best job, but it was better than it looked five minutes ago. I promptly put the visor back up and sat back in my seat just as Tyler climbed back into the vehicle, pretending as though nothing had occurred since he’d been gone.

He gave me a glance, one that said are you still here? and I scoffed. I wasn’t quite sure why, but it seemed as if he didn’t like me too much. I laughed a little to myself, the fact that Tyler didn’t seem interested in me only made me want to prove him wrong. I was pretty sure I could make him wanted me, if I put my mind to.

Damn it, now I want to try. I have a point to get across. No one looks at me like that and gets away with it, one way or another, I told myself.

I shifted my position, cocking my leg up onto the seat so I faced in Tyler’s direction. He took no notice of me; he seemed lost in his thoughts, and I pursed my lips in annoyance. My bare leg was almost touching his, and there was nothing, no flinch or flicker on his body as I moved closer to him. It was as if he were on an entirely different planet from me. I decided I needed to up my game, and physical contact was it. I placed my hand gently on his shoulder and spoke his name. He turned his head just a little and looked at me sideways.

“What do you do for fun around here?” I asked and all I got was a shoulder shrug and a short response.

“Not much.”

Good, he was going to be hard work, and I liked that he was. If it was easy to seduce him it wouldn’t have been much fun.

“Maybe, you could show me?” I heard the words leave my mouth, and it sounded like I was asking him out on a date. I regretted it instantly.

However, the question was forgotten quickly as my attention swayed when I saw the sign for my auntie’s farm pass by as we pulled into a long, gravel driveway. The bumps of the uneven road made my boobs bounce within my vest-top and I smirked wickedly at the familiar feeling. Soon enough Tyler will be the one to give me that same sensation, I thought confidently.

We passed by acres of fields where the crops had recently been harvested, and to my left, about 200 yards away at the end of one harvested field, was a barnyard, which was home to two small tractors and many farming tools. Behind the stone cottage where my auntie lived, were the stables and large bird coop. So, large it could probably house a small family, but instead it accommodated many chickens and geese. All the horses held within the stable were owned by others. They would rent a space on my auntie’s grounds for them to be fed, watered, and exercised on a regular basis.

To the right of the cottage, in front of yet another barn, was my auntie’s own private garden. There was a pond in the centre of the lash, green lawn, and surrounding it was a muster of colourful wild flowers. An old willow tree sat by the side of the pond, hanging over the water like a protective hand. Also within the garden there was a wooden bench and several different types of bird tables. It was her place of peace, so she said to me last time I came here. I, however, found it too quiet. Boring was the word I would use.

We pulled up out front of the three-story cottage, next to my auntie’s crappy, old Ford Fiesta. I bent forward to retrieve my converse trainers from the floor and slipped each foot into the correct trainer. I made a point to stroke my hand up my thighs as I straightened up my spine, teasing and enticing Tyler to look at my bare leg. I didn’t know whether he looked, but it was worth a try just in case.

I curled my fingers around the handle to my passenger door and pulled to open it up. It creaked loudly as I pushed the door out as far as it would go, and I jumped out onto the stony forecourt.

With my Auntie’s property standing upon a mild slope and surrounded by open space, the air here felt a little fresher. Not much, but still cooler than the roadside that had been my home for the better part of the morning. I slipped my aviator sunglasses back onto my face and headed towards the rear of the automobile to redeem me belongings. Tyler had beaten me to it and placed the suitcase down on the gravel. I was just about to thank him with my charming smile when I heard the front door to my auntie’s home squeak open. I braced myself for my auntie’s not-so-warm welcome. I took in a breath and stepped past Tyler, dragging my suitcase behind me and smiled tightly at my auntie who was charging toward me.

“What took you so long?” she yelled, with a firm expression on her face.

“Sorry, but it wasn’t my fault. My car broke down. I had no signal on my phone to call anyone and I was miles from anywhere. Tyler rescued me—almost killed me too.”

“Excuse me?” He turned his body to face me.

Finally, I got some sort of a reaction from him. If flirting did get him to notice me, then ruffling his feathers would. I looked at him sideways and causally shrugged a shoulder.

“Well, you did nearly run me over,” I added and pulled my phone from the back pocket of my denim shorts and plugged my headphones into it.

“You stepped out in front of the truck!” His voice began to elevate.

I never thought I would like an Australian accent, but on him it was cute. The angrier he got, the deeper it seemed.

“Just ignore her, dear. She’s just trying to wind you up.”

“Yeah, Tyler, just ignore me. You’re good at that,” I scoffed.

“I’m sorry for my niece, Tyler. She’s got a chip on her shoulder,” spoke my auntie, as if I weren’t there and wasn’t listening to every word she said about me.

I rolled my eyes and huffed in annoyance. The least she could do was to have the decency to speak about me behind my back like everyone else.

I tapped at my phone, picked out the loudest, most annoying song I could find and plugged my earphones into my ears.

“Good bye, TJ. Thanks for the ride. I would say it’s been a pleasure but I’m not quite sure it was.”

“Don’t call—”

I quickly hit the play button on my phone, before I could hear the end of Tyler’s words. I watched his mouth move but all I could hear was the sound of Linkin Park screaming in my ears. I shook my head and pointed to my ears.

“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you!” I yelled, and he scowled at me in return.

I smiled sarcastically, wiggled my fingers in a goodbye gesture and turned my back on the seemingly annoying, yet kind of cute, Tyler and my bitch of an auntie, and headed in to the house chuckling to myself.





I sat at the kitchen table for what felt like an hour, but when I looked down at my Rolex watch—a present from my older man—it had only been fifteen minutes, when my auntie came storming through the door. I mindlessly traced the flaws in the wooden tabletop surface with my fingertips, waiting for my auntie to yell at me. She walked in to the kitchen, straight past me without so much as a sideways glance. I couldn’t give two shits what she was going to say to me, I just wished she would hurry up and say it already. I sat back in my chair and crossed my arms over my chest, waiting impatiently.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Bingo! About bloody time.

“Do you have any respect for anything or anyone? Tyler did you a favour, and you repay him by being rude?” She spoke from over her shoulder and continued to crash about the kitchen, slamming cupboard, doors, and draws.

“Auntie Jill, you have no clue. He was rude to me too, you know,” I said, stating my case but with little effort to defend myself.

I didn’t need or want to explain my actions. I wasn’t here by choice; therefore any excuse I gave my dear Auntie Jill would wash right over her head. She would never believe me, regardless of whether I was right or wrong.

“That doesn’t sound like Tyler at all. He is a lovely, kind young man. You could learn a few things from him.”

I rolled my eyes, she was beginning to sound more and more like my mother as the seconds ticked by.

“What, like how not to dress? Yeah, I think I’ll skip that class, thanks.” I rose from my chair, sighing loudly, exasperated by my auntie’s need to parent me. I’m twenty-one years old for crying out loud! “Which room am I staying in?” I asked, desperate to put a pin in this conversation and remove myself from my auntie’s presence.

“You’re on the top floor, the bedroom to the left. I gave you that room because it’s the biggest and has its own En suite. I chose that room because I thought you might want your privacy. Although I’m now starting to wonder whether I made a mistake. Maybe I should make you sleep in the barn with the animals and see how nice you’ll be to me after a night out there.”

I said nothing but simply thanked her, walked to the doorway grabbing my personal possessions on the way, and hauled them up the two flights of stairs to my bedroom.

My auntie’s home was everything you would have expected from a farm cottage. Old wooden beams, exposed floor boards, and barn doors at every room. Countless pots and cockery, all handmade and decorated by the local market traders, adorned every wall. Colourful flowers and pot plants were scattered on every surface available. Hundreds of family photos hung on the walls, including a picture of my mum and my auntie when they were younger.

In it my mother sat on a swing wearing a pretty, yellow summer dress with a white flower in her fuzzy, blonde hair. My auntie stood behind her pushing the swing, wearing the exact same outfit but instead of fuzzy, blonde hair, she had curly, brown hair. My mum couldn’t have been more than nine years old in the photo. Mother was so beautiful, even at that age she was breathtaking.

I looked a little like my mother but I was mostly my father’s daughter. He is a handsome man too, but neither of us had the elegance she had. The photo caused an ache in my chest. I coughed the feeling away, shook my head lightly to snap myself from the pity I felt, and continued up the stairs.

I reached the top floor and the landing split in two. This was the guest floor as my auntie called it. Before me was an average sized, family bathroom, equipped with a shower and roll top bath. There was a guest room to the right and to the left was my room, the master suite. It was a beautiful room, which took up half of the house. It had windows on both sides, two of which looked onto the meadows out the front of the house. The other two windows had a view of the rear. As I walked in to the room directly before me was the En suite.

I walked immediately towards it, desperate to clean the sweat from my body. It was an impressive room, one that looked as though it had been recently refurbished. It was more like a wet room then a bathroom. The entire back wall was stone, just like the external walls of this house. To my right, there was a large white basin with a single, chrome tap, and a sizable mirror above it. In the far-right corner of the room was the shower. The showerhead was about the same size as my face. There was enough room in the shower to fit at least three people. The thought of two men in there with me, lathering up our bodies together, sent a shiver down my spine.

To the left was, of course, the white, ceramic toilet and heated toilet rail. Naturally, it wouldn’t be my auntie’s house if there weren’t at least a couple of pot plants or flowers. Sunflowers sat in vase beside the sink, a large, leafy, green plant sat in the far-left corner by the one and only window in the room. On the wall where I had entered was a picture of a sunset lit meadow.

My bedroom was more like a holiday beach hut. It had blue walls and yellow bedcovers, stripy blue and yellow curtains, and white furnishings. The exposed, and what seemed somewhat rough, floor boards were covered with white, fluffy rugs.

I turned the tap to the shower and whilst I waited for the water to heat up, I stripped off my sticky clothes. I lifted my vest-top over my head, unhooked my bra from behind, and let them both fall to hit the floor. I then slipped my fingers into the waistband of my denim shorts, unbuttoned them, and literally peeled them, and my knickers, off. Finally, I pushed the toes of my left foot into the back of my right heel, pulling my converse from my right foot and then repeated this action on my left foot.

I was tired and dirty, and all I wanted was to clean myself of the day’s problems, have something to eat, and then sleep. That would be one day down.

I stepped into the shower and let the water cascaded over my hot body. Although I had dark skin with the lengthy time I had been in the sun today without sunscreen I was surprised to see I hadn’t burnt. What a fucking day. I met the most annoying man ever, without so much as a hint he was attracted to me. This bothered me; why wasn’t he interested in me? A part of me hoped I would see him again, if only to prove a point and make him fancy me. But then again, he was incredibly boring and tiresome.

Setting those thoughts aside, I took this moment to have some me time. God knows when I would be alone with myself next, to do what I wanted, when I wanted. Therefore, I let my hands explore my body, to touch over the sensitive skin of my abdomen and down between thighs, in to my hotness. I needed to find a small sense of release, allowing myself to get what might be my only form of pleasure in this hell hole. I needed to lose myself, to take my mind off the dreaded thought of what my auntie was going to make me do from tomorrow onwards. All I knew was it wouldn’t change me, it would only remind me of how much I belonged in the city, living a life of sin. I would never learn from this experience.




“Wakey, wakey, rise and shine. Its 5 a.m. and I need your help on the farm. You’ve half an hour to get your lazy arse up and ready to start the day.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me!” I growled, and buried my head underneath my pillow to block out my auntie’s irritating voice. But within seconds the pillow was ripped from my hands and the duvet was pulled back. I groaned in frustration. What time is this? I’m normally getting home from a night out by this time, not getting up to start the day.

“If you’re going to stay here, young lady, then you’re going to earn your keep,” she whispered in my ear, with a serious tone.

“You forget, I didn’t want to come here in the first place,” I said with a grumbly voice.

“I don’t care. You’re here now, so GET UP!” she demanded, and shoved me in the side.


I showered as quickly as possible and applied the most import parts of my makeup. I didn’t care where I was or what I was doing, I always wanted to make a good impression. I came down to the kitchen, and was greeted by the orange glare of the morning sun streaming through the kitchen window and into my eyes. I blinked wildly, adjusting to my surroundings. I was expecting to see some breakfast on the table, but there was nothing. Absolutely sod all!

My auntie marched past me and looked me up and down as I stood in the doorway with a gormless expression on my face.

“You’re late. You’ll have to have breakfast later; we are running behind schedule.” she stopped in front of me and raised a brow as she studied my attire. “What on earth are you wearing? That makeup won’t last five minutes; you might not want to bother doing yourself up after today. Ain’t no one here to impress; the staff will be too busy to notice you, princess.”

I wore my skimpy, blue, denim shorts and an off the shoulder, long-sleeved, white T-shirt with the words “Bitch, please.” written across my chest in black. I had my white Converse trainers on, as they were the only flat and moderately appropriate form of footwear I had with me.

“I don’t care, it’s who I am and I like to maintain an image.”

My auntie observed me for a moment, her blue eyes bored into mine as I waited a moment for her to do something, then all at once she burst into laughter. I kept a straight face. What was so funny?

“Yeah, okay. You think your image makes you look sexy. Oh, honey, you’ll learn that sexy, or I should  say slutty, will only get you the wrong kind of attention.”

“Maybe that’s the kind of attention I’m looking for.”

All I got in reply to my comment was a scoff and a shake of the head, before she walked out the back door. I stuck my middle finger up at her when she left. It was childish but it gave me a small sense of satisfaction. I couldn’t tell her to go fuck herself, so this was really my only other option.

I refused to go out there without something in my stomach and seeing as I wasn’t even remotely half awake, I decided coffee was the only choice. There was a readymade pot on the countertop. I pulled out a pink mug from the cupboard beside the back door and poured the dark, steaming liquid into it. I brought the mug to my lips and just as I was about to sip from its contents I saw my auntie peered around the corner of the backdoor.

“Hurry the hell up, Cailey! There is a rain mack and wellies over there by the coat stand.”

My eyes followed the direction in which her finger pointed and fell upon a muddy pair of green boots and matching jacket. I wrinkled my nose in disgusted and disapproval.

“Oh my god, Cailey. Get over yourself for five minutes, will you? You won’t be able to do this job in those trainers, trust me. And it’s too cold for you to go out there like that. When you eventually start working you will soon warm up and then you can strip down to your underwear for all I care.”

I was repulsed at the idea of wearing those revolting boots, but I didn’t fancy the idea of ruining my Converses either, so I made the sacrifice and walked over to them, pulled my trainers off, one after the other, and slipped my feet in to the cold, very uncomfortable wellies.

If I can avoid seeing myself in any reflection that would be okay. I won’t know what I look like and; therefore I won’t stress over it. I lifted the mack from the hook and slipped my arms through the sleeves. It was a little too big on me, but I couldn’t deny the fact that it was especially warm. I quickly took another sip of my coffee, letting its heat warm me from the inside, before I braced myself for what the morning would bring as I stepped out onto the concrete porch.


Most of the staff on the farm had started their shifts and were in working mode. My auntie’s farm wasn’t a fully functioning farm. She only provided two different kinds of wheat, strawberries, fresh milk, and eggs to the local bakers and green grocers. It was only a small business but it was enough to keep her, and the home she lived in, running. Farming was her life. She and my mother had grown up on a farm. My mum had told me it was the best time of her life.

Shame I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, feel the same way. The second I passed by the barn to the right of the house and caught a foul waft of manure from where the three cows lived, I dry heaved inside my mouth. I was a little revealed, and a little surprised too, that Auntie Jill hadn’t asked me to clean it out, given “my attitude,” as she put it, yesterday. Instead, she asked me to let the chickens and geese out and feed them, after which she was going to show me how to work the smallest of the tractors.




I would have said the morning flew by with all the hard work I had done, but that would have been a lie. I had released the chickens, fed them their breakfast and collected the eggs from the coop. I then went on to clean the stables—not the nicest of jobs. I had to shovel horse shit into a wheelbarrow. Every scoop generated a gag; even covering my nose with my mack didn’t stop the stench from getting in and up my nostrils. I did get to make a new friend though. Cleggy the horse, a beautiful big black beast, had become my confidant. He was a great listener, putting up with my rants about my father and my auntie making my life hell. He certainly didn’t judge me for what I looked like.

Lunchtime couldn’t have come sooner, and I was desperate to grab a drink and something to eat as I hadn’t eaten since last night, and my tummy was screaming at me not to ignore it any longer. But first, I needed to get away from this toxic place so I made my way to the barn at the bottom of the wheat field where the tractors and farming tools were kept. It seemed a little quieter out there and my auntie had given me an hour lunch break.

The wheat tickled at the top of my bare thighs as I walked through it. It was a fairly warm day, though not as hot as yesterday. When the wind blew there was a damp freshness to it, which made me think rain was on its way. Well, that and the vast, grey clouds in the distance, heading in our direction.

I stood before large, double, wooden doors. The door creaked as I tugged it open, and stepped inside. Within, it was a typical barn, wooden beams and frames to support the structure, a tall roof above me, and an immense number of tools hanging from every vertical surface. There were sheers, rakes, pitchforks and hatchets. There was a horse drawn plough in the corner of the barn lying next to a tractor tire resting on its side. There were several large bundles of hay stacked upon each other in another corner. The earthy smell of leather from the horses’ reins and the sharp scent of rusty metal invaded my senses.

It was peaceful there and I knew this would be my place of refuge when I needed to disappear quickly. When I needed my own space away from prying eyes yet still be relatively close enough to return to my auntie and her fucking, annoying, squeaky voice. I took a deep breath to let the stress evaporate from me and slipped my hand into the back pocket of my shorts where I found my lighter and a lonely, slightly bent cigarette. I wasn’t a smoker, not really, but when I was stressed it was the only thing that calmed me down. However, this wasn’t just any kind of cigarette, this was a special one. One packed with happiness that I rolled myself, a joint packed with weed.

This little baby had been sitting in my jewellery box for almost a year. I kept after a party I went to back home with my friend Annabel where we smoked all night. I had never felt so gloriously happy and tranquil.  I decided to keep one for when my life got so bad I really needed it, and this was most definitely one of those moment.

I placed the end of my happy stick between my lips and sparked the lighter, bringing it to the end, and watched the tip burn orange. I took an impressive amount into my lungs and held it there for a moment, letting the smoke work its magic on me, allowing it to seep into my blood and bring a sparkle to my vision. Then I released it. The smoke curled from my lips and up past my eyes. I felt my nervousness instantly mellow. I stood by the entrance watching the darkness make its way over the land like a blanket, ignorantly dragging on my joint when a voice spoke from behind me.

“You shouldn’t smoke in here.”

My eyes widened just a fraction, and a devious smirk came to my lips when I heard that familiar Australian accent seep into my ears. I dropped the hand that held the cigarette to my side and spun on my heels to see Tyler rolling in a tractor tire, through the second set of doors at the opposite end,  dropping it next to the other.

He works for my auntie!

I couldn’t believe it. I knew there was a possibility of me bumping into him in this small town, but never had I imaged he worked for Auntie Jill. What were the odds? This made things somewhat more interesting. His mousy blond hair was pointing in all different directions. He had a little bit of stubble sprinkled over his chin, and beads of sweat formed across his brow. He looked  hot.

“Hello to you too, TJ.” I said, knowing that if I shortened his name it would wind him up; he looked cute when he squirmed.

“I told you not to call me that,” he grumbled and frowned.

He wrapped his fingers over the hem of his T-shirt and lifted it up to his face, using it like a towel to wipe away the sweat, exposing his bare stomach. I felt my core tighten when my eyes landed upon his perfectly defined abdomen, a six pack of pure, ridged muscle with a small patch of light brown hair trailing from his belly button into his jeans. Fuck!

Tyler’s body was even better than I had imagined when I first saw him. Yeah, he was cute to look at but his biggest downfall was the lack of confidence in himself. But that body—wow—was something I did not expected, not in the slightest. Tyler had suddenly become far more intriguing to me. I found myself wanting to see what the rest of that body had to offer and I was damn sure I was going to find out. One way or another, this man will be inside me. I had a fucking point to prove, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t have some fun while proving it.