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This section is dedicated to some of the authors/books I’ve recently read and my overview of them and any that I recommend.

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Beautiful Bastard By Christina Lauren

Well, read this book in one day, I couldn’t put it down. To say it was hot would be an understatement. It has LOTS of office angry sex, and the love hate relationship between Chloe and her boss Bennett is sizzling.

Chloe is Bennett’s intern; they are beautiful, intelligent and very stubborn and pigheaded. Until one day they give into an urge they pretended was there. His cockiness pisses her off no ends and after too many fiery arguments, followed by sexual panty ripping encounters, they urge gets stronger and feelings grow deeper.

I don’t really wanna say much more as I want you to read it. It doesn’t have twisted and turns like a lot of erotica, it’s just a boss and his employee exploring a difficult irritating secret relationship with one another. There is lots and lots of sex in it (can’t stress this enough lol) which in my mind doesn’t go down as a bad thing lol

The thing I love about it most is that two girls wrote it. It’s told from both Chloe and Bennett’s side of the story, which intern was different by two different women writing for each character. One called Christina and one called Lauren. Such a brilliant idea and it works. Not known anyone to do this before, but they have it spot on.

So with that said, if you’re looking for a simple steamy hot read, then buy beautiful bastard.



50 Shades Trilogy by E L James

HHmm, now where to start. Don’t get me wrong I like the story and to be honest it is true fantasy this story. The first book I loved, however, the second and third book I found very boring and frankly the sex scenes became quite boring and repetitive. As much as we all love Christian Grey and he is a god and incredibly naughty too, I found Ana actually really quite annoying. Always moaning about her independence, but she hardly ever stands up to Christian. Don’t get me wrong when you have a handsome man like him, it is hard to concentrate and say no. She accepted about being a sub but then moan when she was told what to do.

The part I find hard is the fact that she is a virgin and has never played with herself, to the go to have orgasm after orgasm and having the best sex ever! How would she know that? Unless she was a nun, I refuse to believe that at 24 she has never played with herself??? Being a sub myself I know this lifestyle, and I can say it’s not a true likeness of the BDSM world; it’s just a woman who experimented a little with a bit of kink and then wrote about it.

My favourite part of the whole book was the end when you see a small snippet of the story from Christian’s side. But then again, I think I pretty think like a bloke myself sometimes.

And honestly this is pretty much a kinkier version of Twilight minus the vampires.

However, as much as I sort of like the story I won’t lie, the literature of this book was absolutely shocking! This woman cannot make a story flow. I know I’m not expert, but I would like to think I can write better than her. I think this book was just a right time right place kind of thing.

All I say is buy the book to see what the fuss is about. As I say the story is ok, but don’t get your hopes up on the writing it’s self.


hungerclassicThe Hungers Games by Suzanne Collins

I love love LOVED these books. I could not put it down. Suzanne Collins knows her characters well and what a story line. A whole new direction to story writing and the way this story is told I can see myself in that time. War mixed with reality TV is such a different idea and it works.

Her main character Katniss is such a strong young women that both youngsters and adult can relate with. This book appeals to all ages as this has a little bit of everything in it. There is action, politics, some slightly comical areas, sadness and romance too.

The story is about a 16 year old girl living in a time where 12 cities outside of the capital would come together every year and pluck one young men and women aged between 12 to 18 to fight to the death until the last person is standing, which is all broadcasted live. It the first year for Katniss’s sister to be enter and an unfortunate even happens Katniss’s sister is picked. Katniss then volunteers to take her place and is then forced to the capital with Peta, the male content from their town, to be trained and pushed into the arena to fight, but politics and vengeance get the better of katniss and forms an alliance with Peta, to stick two fingers up to the government in the capital, who enforced the horrible law in the first place. It starts off a war in the cities and then form together to bring the capital down. Katniss becomes their symbol of hope and she leads them into war. Along the way there is a love triangle she struggles with, Gale her best friend or Peta her companion in the game.

Like Stephanie Meyers, Suzanne really knows how to draw into the story and really make you feel everything that are feeling. So many twists and the love the ending. Was very sad when I finished the books. 😦

This is possibly (other than the twilight saga) my most favourite book and I strongly recommend this book to read.



The Original Sinners series By Tiffany Reisz

I have to say that these are possibly my favourite Erotic BDSM books so far. Tiffany clearly knows what she is talking about when she writes the BDSM sex scene. Like me, Tiffany has had experience in this area. These books a not for the shy of heart and is nothing like 50 shades, this is real hardcore BDSM at its best. These books were actually one of the reasons for me to finally accept who and what I am.

Tiffany is a wonderful writer, she make you love the characters for all their faults, but in a realistic way. The plot line to the story is like nothing I have ever read. She really is pushing the erotic boundaries with the character and the plot.

Nora is the main character. A submissive, turned dominatrix, turned erotic writer. She is caught in the middle of a love triangle with two very different men. Her life is anything but easy. She has enemies everywhere. Some of her haters are because the filthy she writes, some are for the life she lives and some of the enemies in her life are purely because of the BDSM relationship she has with the very sexy, smart, sadistic and very intimidating Soren… A priest!  Yes that’s right a priest.

Nora never plays by the rules and always speaks her mind, she is strong and nothing scares her. She is arrogant, mouthy and a complete slut, but you can’t help but love her. A only hate her because she is surround by loads of incredibly hot kinky men and I wish I was her. Lol My favourite book is the angel, pure because you meet griffin and he is fucking hot and so much fun… and he wears a kilt, yum! My favourite character.

I love these books and I can’t wait to read the next three, which are prequels.  If you’re an open minded person, then I strongly recommend reading these books. They’re a steaming hot read and they will keep you wanting more.



Wallbanger By Alice Clayton. 

omg, I loved this story. ok the sex doesn’t start until about 3 quarters of the way through the book, but that’s kind of an important point to the book in a way.

It’s about a girl called Caroline who moves in to this apartment next to a guy who has different women over every night and keeps Caroline awake most nights with his wall banger. when she finally confronts as she tries her hard to get back her missing o (orgasm) she finds herself instantly attractive to him because, well, his drop dead gorgeous.

Their relationship doesn’t start off on the best of terms but as they spend more time together they begin to grow a friendship and then some. Simon isn’t your typical player though, actually nothing like Caroline originally thought.

I was addicted to this book and as romantic and erotic as it was, it was actually incredibly funny. had my in stitches most of the time and that of hers “Clive” is one hell of a character.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone. it gets a massive thump up from me.


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