A Taylor Made Master


“Loved it there was intrigue & suspense, love Kiera & Taylor’s relationship & how Kiera loves to be naughty so she be punished! It was shocking & heartbreaking, there was trust issues & lies & omg ending! if u love kinky books u will love it! can’t wait for last book in series”

the second book… A Taylor Made Master. Get ready, it’s hot hot hot!
A Taylor Made Master book 2

“My name is Kiera Fox and, up until I started university, my life was boring and filled with heartache. You see, \about 6 months ago, I started my first class in still drawing and painting, and that’s when he walked in. Not just in to my classroom, but into my life also and turned it up-side-down. He is the reason I am who I am today. Taylor Holloway is my world. He is my art tutor and my master. He helped me find myself, when I thought I was lost. He opened the door to the dark desires that lurked in my soul, and coaxed me in to surrendering to my longing to submit to him. I am his submissive and he is every bit my master, my sir.

He maybe my Master, my sir, but Taylor Holloway is still very much an enigma; a man filled with secrets and lies. As the treats surrounding us increase, I still continue to search for the answers to the questions and secrets that he will lie about to keep hidden. Unsure who to trust, or what to believe, I continue nonetheless.

Our relationship will be tested. Our trust will be tested. Our love will be tested. Will I be able to find the answers I so desperately seek?

Join me in A Taylor Made Master…”

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©This a copyright of Carrie Anne Ward 2012. All rights reserved

2 comments on “A Taylor Made Master

  1. Has the release date for “A Taylor Made Master” been changed because I can’t find it on amazon?

    • Hi keri, yes. My editor is taking longer than expected even though she’s had over a month to so it. Shouldn’t be much longer. Couple of days the maximum. I’ll keep you posted don’t worry 😉

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