A Taylor made master snippet

Here is a small snippet from the second book in The Taylor Made Series.


A Taylor Made Master

Enter Devlin…

After cleaning ourselves up and attending to the soreness of both my body and my wrists, we dressed and stood staring at each other at the foot of the Victorian bed. Taylor, towering above me, brushed my cheek with the back his fingers, and I pushed my cheek into them, craving his touch as if it had been so long since I had last felt it. He bent down to plant a sweet tender kiss on my lips. His warm eyes glistened like fire from the flames of the candles scattered around the room.

“How are you feeling, little sinner?”

“Sore, sir,” I said, smiling cheekily, and he chuckled softly. “But good. I enjoyed it.”

“Good. I’m glad.” He paused for a second, and I watched his wicked eyes search my face. “You look different.” His fingertips stroked up and down the length of my arms.

“I feel different, sir. I feel naughty, I feel…” I stopped to try and find the right words, when Taylor found them for me instead.

“Not so innocent anymore? Like the only innocent part that was left on you is now gone, taken by me?” He smirked sideways at me. He knew exactly what I was feeling, he knew me so well, and I couldn’t deny that. I nodded, and a small, sinister laugh left his mouth. He brushed his warm, full lips up the side of my neck and onto my ear lobe, where he nibbled on the soft tender tissue. His warm breath blew over my skin and I quivered, making all the hairs on my body stand up straight.

“My beautiful little Kiera really is a little sinner now,” he murmured, and took a step back away from me to look deeply into my eyes. Those chocolate coloured eyes were soft, and filled with a renewed look of admiration, as if he was truly seeing the real me for the first time; as if he had finally found what he was looking for, the other kinky half of him. Well, that’s what it seemed like to me.

There was a knock at the door, and Taylor made no attempt to move away or lose eye contact with me. He stood firm and tall, glaring intently into my green eyes.

“Come in,” he yelled, and the door swung open. My mouth dropped open when I realised the door had been unlocked the whole time we were playing. Taylor saw my surprise, smirked mischievously, and winked.

“Hey, man,” said the tall, muscular man heading towards us. He was incredibly handsome, with short dark hair, and eyes that were almost as green as mine. He wore only a black pair of leather trousers that sat dangerously low on his sculptured hips, and black bike boots. His taut, bare chest was covered in sweat and, as he got closer, I noticed that both his nipples were pierced and looked a little red around the edges.

What had he been up to, to make them so sore? The way this handsome stranger strolled confidently and casually towards us, made me think he was a Dom, but the small red welts patterned into his flesh, teamed with the sore nipples, told me he was the one who had submitting to some form of pain.

His eyes locked onto mine, staring intensely back at me, and not once did he look away. I bit on my lower lip nervously as this intimidating stranger stood behind Taylor, glaring at me over his shoulder. I felt my face burn, and a sudden overwhelming feeling of shyness hit me, and I quickly looked down at my feet.

“Hey, Devlin.” My head shot back up! So this is the elusive Devlin? Taylor turned, held out his hand, which Devlin took without hesitation and shook firmly. Noticing the way Devlin was looking at me, Taylor came to stand at my side, and placed his firm, warm hand at the nape of my neck. Such an innocent gesture, but subtly domineering also. “Kiera, I would like you to meet my good friend Devlin.”

Devlin took a step forward and bent down to place a delicate kiss on my cheek.

“Pleased to meet you, Kiera.” There was a hint of an Irish accent in his voice, which sounded so delicious when my name rolled off his tongue, sending a small thrill over my body when he said it.

“Nice to meet you too… sir,” I said, choking on my words from the anxiety roaming inside me, and I observed a smile tweak at the corners of his mouth.

“Devlin, have you been playing with Kelsey by any chance?” asked Taylor, stepping away from me to stand next to Devlin, flicking his finger on Devlin’s sensitive nipples. He winced slightly in pain, and scowled at Taylor.

“Yes. I should have known better than to try and top that damn woman. The dirty little switch, well… switched on me when I wasn’t looking,” he smirked, and Taylor shook his head, as if he knew exactly what Devlin was talking about. I, on the other hand, could only imagine what they were talking about. Kelsey was probably the scariest woman I had ever met, and I could only guess that she was the one who had dominated Devlin, and left those beautiful little red marks on his body. She must be pretty damn powerful to make someone like Devlin become her slave.

“Note to self, always keep Kelsey locked up when playing with her in the dungeon.” He chuckled slightly, but quickly stopped short when he was reminded of Kelsey’s torture. I know that feeling. I smiled with sympathy. “Evil little slut.”

“What can I do for you, Devlin?” asked Taylor. I shifted uncomfortably on my feet as I waited for the two of them to finish their conversation, terrified to my very core by two of the most vigorous men I had met so far.

“Kelsey is asking for you. She sent me down here to tell you.”

“And being the good little sub you are, you could only obey?” Taylor teased.

“I’m not a sub,” Devlin said firmly.

“Uh huh,” Taylor chuckled, and slapped the side of his face. Taylor turned to me. “I won’t be long. Will you be okay if I leave you in Devlin’s capable hands?” There was a slight groan of satisfaction from Devlin, and when I looked over in his direction, he winked at me. I shied away, quickly looking back at Taylor for comfort. I wasn’t sure how to react to that gesture, but it didn’t seem to affect Taylor. “Down, boy, she is mine!” Devlin nodded once at Taylor, understanding his silent demand, and tapped Taylor on the shoulder as he left.

This was it! I had been given the perfect opportunity to speak privately with Devlin; the only problem was to concentrate on what I wanted to ask, but I found myself squirming like an impatient little child. You would have thought I’d gotten used to the stare of an intimidating Dom already, but no. Even after months of squirming under the power of Taylor’s dark, penetrative eyes, here I was once again, shaking like a leaf from Devlin’s intense, probing stare. How do they do that? Do they have a course on how to scare a woman with just one look?

“So, Kiera, how do you like the club?” He strolled confidently towards me and placed his hand on the small of my back, guiding me over to the chaise longue. Once seated, I clutched my hands together on my lap to stop myself from revealing the nervous twitch in my hands.

“It’s… different, sir. I’ve never been to anything like this before. I like knowing that there are others like me, and as much as I have enjoyed myself here, I think I prefer to play in private.”

“He didn’t lock the door, did he?” he chuckled and shook his head. He rested one toned arm across the back rest behind me. “You’ve probably noticed by now that Taylor has a little thing about taking risks. He likes the idea of being caught, even though he is probably the most private person I know.”

I would never have guessed. I scoffed. This was it, time to start the digging.

“How long have you two known each other? He doesn’t tend to tell me much about his life.” I felt the sadness take over my voice but I tried my best to fight it off. I needed it to sound casual, so as not to trigger off alarm bells in Devlin, hoping he didn’t realise what I was doing.

“Well, about six years, give or take. He was training to be Kelsey’s Dom. I was already a regular Dom here. We became instant good friends.”

“Are you two close?” I looked down at my hands sitting in my lap, playing with the suspender attached to my stocking.

“We were. I’ve been in the states the last few years, and only recently have returned for a visit. We haven’t talked much in that time, but along with Kelsey, I became one of his kink friends when he needed one the most.” There was a moment of silence between us. “Kiera, you need to stop playing with your suspender, you’re making me hard.” My head turned abruptly in his direction, and I saw the smirk of amusement on his lips. His eyes slowly slid over my body, and I shifted in my seat as he undressed me with his eyes. I felt the burn in my cheeks; I released the suspender from my fingertips, and went back to picking at my nails instead.

“Sorry, sir,” I whispered. “So, what was so bad that Taylor needed a kinky friend like you?” I tried to make it sound like a joke, trying to hide the true meaning in my words, hoping he would slip up and answer the question anyway. My question hung in the air and, after a few, very long, seconds of waiting for an answer, I turned to see Devlin’s dark green eyes glaring at my with a questioning look in them. They narrowed slightly, and that’s when I realised he had clocked on to what I was doing.

“I can see what you are trying to do, Kiera, but I can’t tell you what you want to hear. He is my friend, yes, but if you are having issues with him opening up about his past, you need to talk to him about that. I know he isn’t the easiest person to get to open up, but be patient. I see the way he looks at you, and I know that look; it is more than a Master’s longing for his slave.”

I sighed with frustration. I was still no closer to figure out what was going on in that head of Taylor’s, and the one hope I’d had of opening a door to Taylor’s past, to what might be going on in Taylor’s mind, had gone. Devlin was too clever for me, and a good friend to Taylor, and for that I had respect for him.

I was left feeling impotent and aggravated with myself, and just as I was starting to feel like such a fool for trying to pull a stunt like this, I had forgotten Devlin was still there until I felt his hand brush a small strand of hair off my face and tuck it behind me ear. I shivered, and turned to look at him, his eyes filled with sympathy, and he smiled lazily at me.

“He cares for you, Kiera. I can see it. He would be a fool to lose you.” He winked. His eyes shifted, and I followed his gaze over to the bed. “Wax play? One of my favourites.” I watched his lips twist into a smirk, and he bowed his head as if he was reliving a fond memory.

“Hey,” Taylor’s voice interrupted us and we both looked over to the door way, where my Master stood proudly, waiting for us to come to him. My eyes glazed with love at the sight of him. Did he care for me as much as Devlin had said? And would he eventually open up to me and let me in? I wasn’t sure. But Devlin had given me renewed hope.

“Hey man, you speak with Kelsey?”

“Yes, thanks. You two okay?” he asked as his eyes darted between the two of us.

“Yes, she is incredibly cute, Taylor. You are one very lucky man.” He winked at me and headed for the door. My eyes locked with Taylor as I stood before him; there was a devious smirk on his face.

“Yes… I know,” Taylor whispered, intent on only me hearing his reply. His eyes shifted, and the passion and desire flared within them, and I quivered from his intense, dangerous stare. That look could break anyone to the point of confessing all their deep, dark secrets.

Devlin paused at the door way with his back to us. Three large Celtic tattoos caught my eyes before he turned to look at us both.

“Kiera, if ever you feel like playing with a real man, give me a call,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, coming from the man who, only a few minutes ago, was Kelsey’s little bitch,” Taylor joked.

“Dude, even you know it takes one hell of a man to take on that little sadist!” Taylor burst into laughter. I loved seeing Taylor like this; he was such a different person with his friends, and I craved to see him like this more often; for him to feel comfortable enough to be himself. No troubles or worries holding him back, no threats to reveal the true Taylor, and I frowned in frustration that I couldn’t give him that.

“Goodbye, sir,” I said. He winked and left us alone.

“I think Devlin has a sweet spot for you.”

“Well, he is very handsome, sir, and if you keep denying me orgasms, I might have to take him up on his offer.”

“I don’t recall denying you one just a few moments ago, little sinner,” he chuckled lightly, and pulled me into his warm, firm body, wrapping his broad arms around me. I may have said the words deny me orgasms, but in reality I was secretly saying if you keep denying me the truth I might just leave.

A cold of rush of air skimmed over me, and I shuddered at the frightening realisation of my own thoughts. I could ever leave Taylor… could I?

©This a copyright of Carrie Anne Ward 2013. All rights reserved

2 comments on “A Taylor made master snippet

  1. I LOVE the pet name Taylor gave to Kiera…little sinner. I think there is a little sinner in every submissive, some more than others. Which is why I’m actually quite interested in Ms. Kelsey, the sadistic switch. Mmm, she sounds like a tasty morsel. This is a very intriguing excerpt Ms. Carrie and it should definitely draw new readers.

  2. thank you Will, that meas a lot. Kelsey is set to have her very own story, i am very much looking forward to writing her. she is one hell of a woman. but yes, we all do have that little sinner inside of us somewhere.

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