A Sprinking Of Lace And A Dash Of Silk



Midnight struck and the bells to the antique grandfather clock chimed in sync to each step I took down the stairs in to the grand foyer. The room was heaving with people, gentleman suited in tuxedos and beautiful women dressed in elegant cocktail dresses and ball gowns. I was surrounded in a sea of black and white. Fixture and fittings, furniture and ornaments, men and women all covered in the two very different shades, contrasting between light and dark. It was like part of a fairytale story I used to read to my niece when she was a kid and my brother roped in to babysitting.

The air was humming with electricity; it was telling me that this night was full of possibilities. Yes, I could feel it, feel it tingling in my veins as I pulled down my mask and cloaked my identity to those around me.  I was invisible to those who brushed passed me, to those whose visions glanced in my direction, a stranger to everyone within this makeshift wonderland, well, everyone but those two.

There they stood each one at either end of the hall. Two lost souls waiting for Mr Right to taking them away from the hustle and bustle of the bodies busying themselves around them. Tonight I was going to be their Mr right-now, but I could only pick one. Which one to choose?

I pulled at the cuffs of my tux, straightening myself out and stood deadly still, watching and studying each of these intoxicating beauties, like a predator camouflage in its surrounds. I was waiting, weighing up my options. Two very different women, but each one had something so appealing to me that I couldn’t bring myself to break free of either one of them.

Carmel was slender, tall and fair of skin. Her long straight, golden hair fell around a face that you could only imagine use to belong to a girl in a cheerleading squad, with her bright red lips and blue eyes. Not that you could tell behind the white and silver eye mask she wore. Where she lacked in the breast area, she made up for in the length of her long shapely legs. She gave off a mischievous, wild vibe, especially in that white, figure-hugging floor length, Silk dress.

Then there was Elisa, she was everything the opposite of Carmel. She was petite and her body curved in the right areas. She had the most incredibly cleavage, a tiny waist and a heart shaped bottom which screamed to bitten, and in that black lacy, fish tail dress you could help but notice it all. She was a natural beauty, with olive skin and her chocolate coloured hair tussled in soft waves, which framing a perfectly sculpture innocent face. However, that face was covered this evening by a matching black Lace eye mask.

Looking at the two of them, you would think Carmel was the wild and untameable one and Elisa was innocent and easily seduced, but you couldn’t have been more wrong. Even though Carmel gave off a sense of confidence and carefree nature, she was in fact a very shy girl who needed my help to bring her sexual desires out from its tightly closed shell. Elisa on the other hand was immensely confident, she knew what she wanted and she would, 99.9 percent of the time, get it. No one could force her into doing anything she didn’t want to do. Okay, I was sometimes the exception to those rules.

I craved the power in Elisa and the willingness in Carmel.

 Tonight no personal names were to be used, so instead they will be called Lace and Silk.

Okay, you must be thinking… his playing these girls, what a cheat scumbag! Well I can tell you, that wasn’t the case. Each one knew all about the other and they both openly accepted it. Neither one of us was committed to the other, and with the line of communication freely open, we all remained content in the agreement we had and the trust we had in each other.

The minutes were ticking by and I couldn’t decide. It was too hard for me to pick. I remained firmly rooted in place, hesitant in choosing, when they both turned their heads in my direction. My eyes flickered between the two. Why was it so difficult to make a decision? Normally this would be so easy. Then again this was the first time they were both under the same roof at the same time.

The air sparked, the chemistry sizzled and an idea came to me.

I straighten my spine, adjusted my bow tie and paused. With the confidence oozing from me, I waved me hand in the air, demanding the attention of the two most alluring women at this whole damn party. I crocked my finger for Carmel – or should I say Silk – to come to me. She nodded shyly and tottered through the crowd toward me. I snapped my head over to Elisa – who, of course, was Lace – and with one authoritative stare from me, she nodded and continued to sip at her flute of champagne which she held in her manicured hand.

Silk trod delicately up the staircase to meet me, stopping on the step one below mine. I held out my hand, like the gentleman I was, and she placed her tiny hand in my palm. I felt that connection, that desire rippled through me when my hand curled around hers and brought it to my lips. My eyes fixed with hers and I watched her body shifted ever-so-slightly under the power my glare. She knew her place with me. I was her superior, which she both feared and loved.

“Good evening, Silk” I whispered as moved my face closer to hers. Desperate to kiss her, but I tried my hardest to push passed the need.

“Good Evening, sir.” She answered in a sweet timid voice.

“You look absolutely mouth-watering tonight. Sir is very pleased.” I acknowledged my gratitude for her efforts to impress me that evening.

“Thank you sir. I’m glad you approve.” She smiled sweetly.

So innocent and so easily manipulated, hhmm the mere thought of her dropping effortlessly to her knees for me, had my cock stirring in the trousers.

“Okay Silk, I want you to go the master bedroom on the top floor. Here are the keys. I want you to undress to your underwear. I want you to leave on the mask and your shoes; I then want you to place your back against one of the bedpost and close your eyes. Do not move until I say so, do you hear me?” I noted with a firm voice. I showed her no compassion, but she never expected to see it. I was her master and she knew I showed my love with the dominance I relinquished over her.

“Yes sir,” she whispered and lowered her version to the floor.

“Off you go” I ordered.

She smiled, gathered her dress in her hands and hurried off up the stairs. I watched her leave from my peripheral vision and smirked with pride.

I took a few minutes to ponder over the nights events I had planned. Was I doing the right thing or was just being too selfish by expecting that both these women would play along to the game I had in mind?

My sight found a very eager looking Lace grinning wickedly at me. Damn, she was so menacing and seductive. I couldn’t wait to see how she would react to my request. This girl was always willing to put me to the test, to challenge me in an exchange of power play. I felt my hard shaft twitch at the image.

She swayed to me, swinging her agile hips as she slipped through the gaps among the hordes of people. Her dark eyes married with mine the whole way. She too stopped on the step below mine, when she reached me. I took her slender hand, like I did with Silk, and pressed my lips light on the back of her hand. She purred with delight when I made that connection

“Good evening, Lace. You look fucking breath taking.” I noted, from which triggered a sideways smirk to curl on to her pink lips.

“So do you, sir. Very handsome”

Oh yes, Lace was one hell of a cheeky minx and she know it. I loved that she truly embraced and yielded to who she was and the dark desires coiling inside her.

“Lace, I want you to accompany me to the master bedroom. I have a little surprise waiting for us,”

“hhhmm, how exciting. I can’t wait, sir.”

I held out my elbow to Lace. She skimmed her tiny arm through the gap and locked in firmly round mine.


We enter a room fit for royalty with its dark reds and rich gold surroundings. With its thick feet-sinking cream carpets, fancy decorative wallpaper and expensive embroidered drapes. The room was accessorised with Victorian furnishings – one of which was an enormous four-poster bed covered in crimson satin sheets. The bed was complimented by a shivering, half naked Silk resting her back against the post, eyes closed.

My heart skipped and my cock grew harder at the sight of her. I dropped Lace’s arm and went to my Silk. I watched her skin tremble under my touch, as I brushed my fingers up her arm and cupped her chin in my hand.

“Open your eyes please Silk.” I whispered.

She flipped them open and her bright blue eyes locked with mine. There was a look of frailty on her face but the lust clouding her eyes gave her away.

“I want you to meet someone,” I stepped out of her line of sight and her eyes focused in on Lace standing only a mere metre away from her. Silk’s body shifted and she suddenly look vulnerable. I smirked inwardly as that was exactly how I hoped she would respond, Lace on the other hand remained calm and impassive, I came to stand at her side.

You’re probably thinking… well hang on I thought they knew about each? Yes, you’re right they do, but until that very night they had yet to meet.

I brushed Lace’s long brown hair off her shoulder.

“You see ladies, I found it incredibly hard in making a decision as to which one of you I would have this evening. With both of you looking unbelievable stunning, I couldn’t bring myself to say no to one of you. So… I’m not going to have either of you. I’m going to watch the two of you pleasure each other instead. I will, of course, tell you both what I want you to do, however I will not physically partake. Do you both understand?” I barked.

They bother answered me with a yes sir. Lace’s voice was sturdy, whereas Silk’s was reserved.

The heat within the room had increased and I felt the beads of sweet protruding across my forehead. The overwhelming feeling of lust was curling in my trouser and the thought of my two beautiful girls pleasuring each other sent an ache pulsating to my groin.

“Lace, I want youto kiss Silk, I think she needs a little encouragement,”

Within the blink of an eye Lace was charging full force toward an exposed Silk. She grabbed Silk by the scruff of the neck and forced her lips to meet hers. Silk was hesitant but she soon gave in to the feeling when she knew neither I, nor Lace, was going to give in. She allowed Lace to into her mouth, rolling her tongue with hers and actually enjoying it. The image of their lips locked together had an uproar of sexual need to stir inside me. I may have agreed not to play with either of them but it didn’t mean I couldn’t give myself pleasure while watching them play.

The sound of lips smacking and groans of delight had me dragging my manhood from its confinement. I pulled a chair from the corner and placed it in the centre of the room to watch the show.

The girls were beginning to enjoy themselves a little too much, getting carried away with the passion taking hold of them, so I pushed my hand up in the air and clicked my fingers. Each one almost instantly dropped the other from their grasped and turned to face me. Lace licked her lips. I couldn’t help but wondered whether she was licking them because she was lapping at the last trace of Silk from them, or whether it was from the sight of me stroking gently on my large hard cock? Either way I love it when that cheeky little tongue tasted those beautiful pouting pinks lips. It was her way of showing me her gratification, which had me yearning to fuck her mouth.

There they both stood, Silk with her Silky white bra and French knickers. Hiding behind her white mask and shaking in her silver high heels. Next to her was Lace, Still fully dressed, but with one nodded from me she pulled on the zip at the side of her dress and let the lacy fabric fall in a pool at her feet. She stepped out and kicked it to one side. She was now equal to Silk. Half naked, with her black Lace bra, tong and garter belt which was attached to black Silk stockings. All of which was accompanied with her black Lace mask and dark red highs.

They were un-fucking-believable. They were willing and needy, passionate and both were eager to please me. Which of course, were all the right ingredients for one hell of a fun filled and extremely filthy night.

I order for Silk to go lay on the bed, with her hands above her and her legs apart. Lace, bound her wrist together and then tied the restrains to the headboard with the rope from the curtains. Lace was more open-minded and up for any challenge I gave her, Silk on the other hand needed a guiding hand, therefore I felt it only fair that she was the one to be used, as Lace abused her body.


The vision that bestowed me was one I would never, for as long as I lived, forget. I was a sight to be admired. Silk lay stretched upon the crimson satin sheets of the four-poster bed. Her arms bound tightly in place above her head and her legs prised apart with Lace kneeling between them.

“Lace, I want you to pull down you knickers, so that they sit half way down your thigh. I don’t want you to completely remove them. I want it to tease me as you pleasure Silk.”

She slipped her thumbs past the elastic hem on her thongs, skated them over her firm oval buttocks and down her Silk thigh. She left them sitting about an inch shy of her extremely arousal, hairless pussy. Too many fond images of me cock sliding right in there, passed by my minds eyes and I shifted from the fire burning through me. It was so intense that I was struggling immensely not to run over there and give in, to fuck this girl to the point where she could no longer feel her toes.

I sat at an angle that allowed me to watch every single thing Lace done to Silk, but at the same point I get the perfect alignment of Lace’s sex. Watching as it slickened with her juices as she slid her fingers desperately slow in to and out of Silk.

The curve in Silk’s body, as the she bucked from her orgasm tearing through her, had her pushing her breast up and she aggressively pulled on the rope around her wrist, eager to be freed. Her moans of delight had me milk at my length with a brutal need that I had to rapidly release my cock from my hand to control the overbearing need to come.

I ordered Lace to fuck her hard, to bite her thighs and she willing obeyed, creating raw teeth indentations into the soft flesh of her inner thigh. Silk was almost at breaking point and I gave her permissive to come. She screamed so hard that I was almost certain that the crowd’s downstairs would have heard.

Good! Let their filthy minds wonder what sinfully naughty things were going on behind that door.

Lace’s fingers with glistening in Silk’s come and she wasted no time in cleaning the mess up with her tongue, humming with the greatest of satisfaction as she did so.

The heat was beginning to flame like wildfire through my body as I went back to stroking furiously on my cock. I wanted some much to play piggy in the middle, but I was a greedy man and I would always be worrying that, whilst I gave pleasure to one girl, the other would be left unsatisfied and I couldn’t allow that. I am a man that never liked to disappoint. I am a man who needed to please.

“Lace… release Silk. I want you bother to come kneel before me!”

“Yes sir.” She answered.

She removed herself from between a panting Silk’s thighs, tottered around the side of the bed and unleashed Silk from her restrains. Silk rubbed at the red raw marks, admiring them with a fondness, but she soon regained her focus to the matter at hand when I clicked me fingers. She made quick speed in coming to me. Her hand intertwined with Lace’s and smiled. I knew instantly that a bond had formed there. This was the greatest moment, to date, with these two stunning women. I knew there would be no hostility between the three of us. Whoever said that three was a crowd, clearly never had two beautiful women to play with.

No orders we’re given as my eyes found Lace and Silk kissing one another. I couldn’t have been a complete sadistic Dom and demanded they stop immediately, that I never gave them permission to kiss, but where would the fun be in that. I felt the heat flow in my groin as I watched them embrace their passion so I pumped furiously and my erection grew harder. My breath began to burn, my chest tightened for a brief second as the muscles all over my body turn rigid.

I stood up from my chair and when I look back down, two set of hypnotising eyes, one blue and one brown, were looking directly into mine. They knelt there, calmly waiting with their hands on their thighs like good little girls and their mouths open. They of course knew what was about to happen, and within seconds my body juddered, shaking from head to toe. I hissed aggressively as I rubbed my cock with my hand and within seconds the warmth flowed from me.

I watched with desire hazing mind, glaring at my two submissive’s as they eagerly claimed my creamy seed in their mouths, desperate to take all of it. Showing their gratitude, as though they were two thirsty women being given water for the first time in weeks, lapping every single last bit of me from their lips.

I brushed my hands down the side of each of their faces, showing them both how extremely proud of them I was. Each one gave me a smile so different from the other, but both with the same feeling of love. Lace with that wicked menacing smirk and Silk with that sweet innocent grin.

I let them clean me of my come with their tongues, allowing them both that split second to suck on my cock, before zipping my fly and left the room without another word spoken. I left the girls to do as they wished with each other for the rest of that evening.

Don’t worry; I would definitely be calling on them both come dawn. I wasn’t completely insane; I would most surely be fucking them both at some point.

I wasn’t sure if it was the scenery, the drink or the masks, but neither of the girls would have entertained the idea of playing together like that in any given situation. However, what I thought was impossible, quickly became the best night of my life.

Lace and Silk really do work well together.

©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A Copy Right of Carrie Anne Ward 2015.

This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher


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