A Needle In A Haystack

A Needle in a Haystack

This is a stand alone novel. 

There is currently no set release date for this book, but I will keep you updated on its progression

A rebellious city girl, with no worries or cares for those around her and what they think of her, is sent to the country to learn the meaning of respect and hard work.

Bored of the country’s ways she finds her own means of entertainment. That entertainment being the handsome but slightly timid farm hand Tyler-Jae.

Cailey sees his struggle to be confident with woman and sets about corrupting the sexy Australian for her own source of pleasure. She makes him an offer to build his confidence in the sexual form. What he doesn’t know is, in the small print, she wants to make him her little toy. To control and manipulate his life and those in it.

But what Cailey doesn’t realise is, whilst she tries her best to use and abuse this man, her own life is slowing changing.

She notices the change in herself when she is around him, she worries about what he thinks of her and about the person she is when she is with him. Cailey is left with the choice to fight or flight. does she return to the city and her old ways, or well find a better life and better offer in the country?

(This is a work in progress)

My man is based in the sexy Australian model Ryan Cooper.

This story was a joint effort between me and HIM, and how we think this could have LOOSELY been, if we met each other when we were young.

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