A Gift To Top All Other gifts


erotic christmas shoot of stunning brunette woman near decorated tree with red ribbon at waistline and tinsel on her naked breast

As a big time model, Ancilla’s life consisted of early mornings and late nights, travelling to and fro, from place to place. To say life was busy would have been an understatement. So when the Christmas holiday came along, she craved the simple life of the working class family she’d left behind two years earlier.

This year was different.

Kelsey had planned to spend Christmas with her mother and stepfather, and, to Ancilla’s surprise, her bitch of an agent had booked her a highly paid magazine cover shoot for the whole of Christmas day. Ancilla couldn’t afford to say no to the job if she was ever going to give her family a better life. So sadness gripped her heart as she walked from the station back to her four storey, six-bedroom townhouse in West London, which she shared with her dominant lover, Kelsey.

Such a big house, and no one to share it with for Christmas.

She walked up the two small steps that led to her front door, pushed the door to, and stepped into the darkness of her hallway. Her expensive Louboutin boots clicked on the marble floor as she searched the wall for the light switch.

She repeatedly flicked the switch up and down, then realised that the power had gone out.

“Fan-fucking-tastic,” she cursed.

She opened her bag and searched frantically for her phone. It was one thing to spend Christmas Eve alone, but in the dark, without electricity or hot water. No fucking way, she thought. But just as she started to tap on her phone, she saw a small light flickering down the hallway. Stupidity got the better of her, as she became as curious as a cat to find out what it was.

She pulled out her keys, clutching them tightly, just in case she needed to use them as a weapon, and get away quickly. She removed her heels and crept slowly and quietly, like a sneaky little cat, towards the light.

When she finally reached the living room, she stood surprised as she was greeted by the most incredible display of candles, flickering wildly, giving the room about her the illusion that it was moving.

“Merry Christmas, angel cake,” said a sweet, seductive voice from behind her.

She spun on her heels to find Kelsey standing before her, wearing a silky red suspender belt attached to black silk stockings, and a sexy pair of red “fuck me” heels. On top all she wore was a pair of red heart-shaped nipple tassels on her lusciously pert breasts. Her long dark tousled hair hung in soft curls over her slight shoulders and down to her breasts. Her blue eyes danced like fire from the candle light and clouded with lust.

Ancilla chuckled. She couldn’t believe it; Kelsey was here, with her, on Christmas Eve. Ancilla rushed to her, pulled her into a tight embrace, and kissed her with a wild passion, taking Kelsey’s perfectly fully lips to hers.

“Whoa, sweetness. Control yourself,” Kelsey said, as she pulled back and smirked sideways at Ancilla’s abruptness.

“Sorry, Mistress,” Ancilla said, as she stepped back and hung her head in shame. Kelsey placed her hand under Ancilla’s chin, forcing Ancilla to look into her eyes.

“I am going to give you a very rare gift for Christmas, angel. I am going to give you… me.” Ancilla frowned. What was Kelsey talking about? Didn’t she already have her? Kelsey chuckled and continued to explain. “I am going to submit to you for one hour. I will allow you to tie me up and play with me.”

Ancilla blinked wildly. Surely not? Surely her Mistress wouldn’t let her beautiful blonde sub top her?  Kelsey was one powerful woman, and rarely did anyone get to dominate her, especially not women.

Kelsey lay herself down on her back, on the plush carpeted floor, next to the huge decorative Christmas tree, waiting for Ancilla to follow her. “This is my gift to you, and your gift to me will be to give me one hell of an orgasm,” she grinned with amusement, and Ancilla chuckled as she knelt on the floor beside her, removing her coat, jumper and jeans in the process, to reveal her naked slender figure.

There was thick red tinsel lying on the carpet and, using her initiative, Ancilla took the tinsel and bound Kelsey’s wrists tightly with the scratchy foil. She felt Kelsey quiver beneath her, and watched her beautiful breasts rise and fall rapidly. Kelsey was enjoying this greatly, and Ancilla quivered with excitement at the thought of topping Kelsey.

Spontaneity clutched Ancilla by the hand and guided her to the candles nearby. Kelsey smirked as she knew exactly what Ancilla was about to do. 

Taking one large red candle from the table, Ancilla dripped the burning liquid over Kelsey’s tiny, beautifully curved body. Kelsey bucked wildly as the burning wax coated her skin, and she giggled at the strangely pleasurable feeling. Ancilla watched in awe. She’d never seen anything so beautiful; her Mistress switching for one hour only to be Ancilla’s submissive. Just when Ancilla thought she couldn’t love Kelsey any more, she was quickly proven wrong.

She couldn’t wait any longer; she needed to taste her Mistress. She needed to feel Kelsey unravel and lose control underneath her. She took Kelsey’s legs and spread them wide, giving her a glimpse at how truly turned on Kelsey was, as her arousal glistened over her smooth folds. She positioned herself between Kelsey’s firm thighs, and began to lightly stroke her velvet tongue over Kelsey’s clit. She heard Kelsey gasp at the contact her tongue made on Kelsey’s throbbing cunt.

“Hmm, angel, that feels so good,” purred Kelsey.

Ancilla continued her blissful assault with her tongue on Kelsey’s sodden sex, sliding two fingers inside her, feeling her wriggle and writhe. She looked up at her Mistress panting and groaning from the pleasure of Ancilla’s fingers inside her. When Kelsey’s muscles tightened around Ancilla’s fingers, and her body began to quiver, Ancilla knew Kelsey was close. She probed her fingers harder inside Kelsey’s cunt, and flicked her clit with her tongue, until finally Kelsey lifted her hips, bucking them wildly as she shuddered and released her orgasm on to Ancilla’s tongue.

“Fuck me, angel cake. That was amazing. Come here and kiss me. Let me taste myself on your beautiful mouth,” Kelsey said breathlessly, and watched a very smug looking Ancilla crawl her way up Kelsey’s body. She untied Kelsey’s wrists, and kissed her passionately, licking and rolling her sweet delicious tongue with her Mistresses.

“I love you, Mistress. Thank you for what was most definitely the best Christmas present I have ever had,” she smiled sweetly.

Kelsey held Ancilla’s chin between her fingers, and looked at her sub with love and admiration, rubbing the pad of her thumb across her bottom lip. Then she looked into Ancilla’s hazel eyes as they flickered with a fiery desire.

“Thank you, Ancilla, for what was most definitely the best orgasm I have ever had,” Kelsey smirked and rose to her feet. “Now, where’s that collar of yours?”

©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. A Copy Right of Carrie Anne Ward 2015.

This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author / publisher

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