An Exclusive

Hey there peeps,

If some of you don’t already know, there is an exclusive post on my website of my new Novel. I have provide you all with the first chapter of A Needle in a Haystack.  There aren’t any naughty bits I’m afraid, that’s later on 😉 but you do get to meet Cailey, the foul mouthed, arrogant city girl banished to the country for the summer. You also get an to briefly meet Tyler-Jae, the Australian, lovable, secretly sexy but not so confident when it comes to date, farm hand.

The story is about this city girl sent to straighten out her ways and learn not to be so materialistic by spending the summer with her Auntie. bored out her mind Cailey seeks an form of fun in this small town, and she thinks the farm hand Tyler-Jae is the answer . handsome as he is, he lacks confidence when it comes to another girl. Cailey see this as an opportunity to strike a deal with Tyler, sex with him in exchange for adviser and tips on how to woo the girl he really fancies. Will he take up the offer from this girl he despises, and will it come crash down around his feet or take a turn in a direction they had expected. (this is only a rough synopsis)

If you want to read more, then here is the link – A Needle in a Haystack – chapter 1

I hope you like it, enjoy.

Carrie xx


By Carrie Anne Ward Posted in erotica