The Third & Final Book

Hi peeps,

Sorry this is a bit late coming, but I have been so busy planning my signing event in Liverpool (another post will come regarding this) that I haven’t had a chance to let everyone that the third and final book in The Taylor Made Series, A Taylor Made Mine, is now out to buy.

I am so excited, but also a little sad, to see this book come to a conclusion. Have we heard the last from either Taylor or Kiera? no, I doubt it.

Whats next for me? Well, honestly, I have taken a break from writing for a moment to concentrate on my book signing, but once those are done I’ll be back on with the writing.

I have two erotic book Ideas.

The first one is called “Three Ways From Sunday” this is a spin off story to The Taylor Made Series, featuring the beautiful and very scary Kelsey. She pops up a few times in books 2 and 3 of The Taylor Made Series. She now becomes the Main character of her own story. This is a BDSM story, whereby this Domme is craving the life of a switch and  seeks out a dominate to control her and her submissive Ancilla. No one has satisfactory or been up to the challenge, not one man could hand Kelsey and her needs until Kaiser comes in to her life. He is strong, arrogantly handsome and is everything and more than what Kelsey needs. You will both love and hate him.

The next one is called “A Needle In A Haystack” an erotic story but not BDSM related. This about a troublesome bad girl called Cailey, who is sent to live and work with her auntie on her farm, in a quite town to straighten out her attitude. So bored with the quite life, after living in the big city, she takes on a challenge to corrupt and manipulate her Auntie’s seemingly shy but incredibly handsome, Australian, farm hand Tyler-Jay.

I’ll keep you updated on both of those books.

Anyway here are the links for my book (go buy… now!) and the synopsis.



The truth will out.

My Name’s Kiera Fox, the proud submissive to my University Art Tutor and my Dominant lover, Taylor Holloway. I never thought for one second I would fall in love with someone whilst at university, let alone my tutor. I was a fragile, confused mess, hiding behind an image of a vanilla girl living a vanilla life, but when I met Taylor he opened a door to a dark and sinister desire I didn’t realise I had.

We have come so far in our yearlong affair, most of which was spent in the bedroom learning the true mean of punished and reward administered my Master. For a relationship that should have been built on trust and honesty, it was based on secrets and lies. That is until Taylor gave me the ultimate gift. A switch in roles proving his trust and loyalty to me.

I am now stronger both physically and mentally, and I am ready to fight back. It is time to face the terror head on and let the secrets spill from the bag even if it breaks me. I am ready to bring down those who try to stop Taylor and I being together, and I’m more than ready to embrace the darkness within me.

And should I survive, then there will only be one question left to answer, will Taylor ever truly be mine?

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