Birmingham July Book Signing 2015

Hello there my fellow Kinksters.

As you know, this year will be my first signing event in the UK and I am super excited.

So if you want to meet me, come along and get lots of free swag and your books signed also. I’ll be in Birmingham on the 18th July 2015, along with a load of other fabulous authors, such as Jodie Ellen Malpas (author of the This Man series)

for those arriving on the Friday night i’ll be in the Jury Inn hotel bar for those who wish to chat to me about BDSM.

Don’t miss out, its going to be amazing and i would love to see you all. Here is the link to buy your ticket:

second city signing

By Carrie Anne Ward Posted in erotica

Deleted Sex Scene

Hello there my lovelies.

Well, I was having a clean out on the laptop and I came across a deleted sex scene from A Taylor Made Master. It wasn’t an important part to the story, more of a spontaneous moment and I had already wrote to many sex scene. Yo many sex scenes, I hear you say. I know, you can never have enough sex, right? 😉 But in all seriousness, there was no point in keeping it, so I removed it. Its not a big scene, but I decided I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Its in chapter 8 where Taylor and Kiera had just left the Pub where they had met Taylor’s old friend Nikki and decided to take a car ride. I have included a couple the paragraphs before and after the scene which are still in the book, so you get any idea of where about it was and how it fit in to the story.

I hope you like it, here you go (the deleted scene section is in bold)


We had decided to get the car and take a drive into the countryside. The roads had been well gritted, and were sludge free, making it easy enough for Taylor to drive fast on the winding, empty lanes. The sound of Syron’s ‘Here’ came on over the stereo, and with the intense surge of adrenaline flashing through Taylor from the speedy driving, I could feel the electricity and passion seeping from him and over to me, soaking into my skin like oil. Feeling like a kid on a rollercoaster as the excitement pushed through me. I cranked up the music as a powerful thrill pulsed through my blood, and I started singing along to the tune. Taylor turned to me and laughed at the childish nature in which I was acting, and pressed his foot down harder on the accelerator.

With all caution thrown to the wind, we felt free, as if we were driving speedily away from our troubles, leaving them far behind us. There was something about being here with Taylor, alone in that tiny village, acting on my impulses, like a bitch on heat, and Taylor sensed it too. I noticed his chest rapidly rising and falling, causing my own breath to match the rhythm of his, and my body flamed with desire. 

Suddenly the car swung sideways, and we pulled into a secluded field behind a tall, snow coated hedge. I steadied myself in my seat, gripping onto the door handle and the car seat, when I turned to see Taylor’s dark clouded eyes glaring hungrily at me. He switched off the engine, put the car in neutral, turned to face me, and placed one knee on his seat. My body quivered as he headed towards me, and just when I thought he was going to lurch himself at me, he crawled between the driver and passenger seat and into the back. I looked at him, sat on his own in the cramped back seat of his Audi. An arrogant smirk appeared on his lusciously kissable lips, and he crooked his finger for me to come join him in the back.

He didn’t have to ask me twice.

I was in the back within seconds. He unbuckled the belt to his jeans, pulled them and his briefs down to let his hard erect cock spring free. He pulled me by the hips to straddle his thighs and clasped his cock with my right hand lightly milking his penis. Urgency got the better of him as he pierced my tights with his finger and tore them open to allow him better access and my knickers followed not long after. I had barely reached the back seat when he grabbed my hips aggressively lifting me up, my head hitting the roof as he did so and slid my already thoroughly soaked pussy over and on to his hot heavy cock, filling me completely. I gasped and groaned at the fantastic feeling of him gliding into me, the full and complete feeling of him inside me and the satisfaction I found from it. I felt his eyes scan me, watching as the pleasure spread across my face and he smirked with pride and contentment. Gratification of knowing he was the one who gave me such wonder, mind blowing, sexual enjoyment. Having control of how much pleasure I received from him and how I received it.

I placed my hands on his shoulders and started to grind my hips, trying to take some sort of control from the moment, but I should have known better because, before I knew it, I was on my back with one leg over the back of the seat, whilst the back of my other thigh pressed against Taylor’s solid structured abdomen and my ankle rested on his shoulder next to his ear. He hovered over me, pinned my wrist to the leather seat above my head whilst the other held on to the back rest to steady himself in the cramped awkward position he had manoeuvred himself into, as he relentlessly pounded his fabulously large shaft into my wanton rapacious sex.

“You filthy little thing, you have been an uncontrollably naughty today, little sinner, haven’t you? A good hard fuck by Sir should put you back in your place.” He grunted, with raging lust coating every single word that left his mouth as he continued to fuck me out of my tiny crazed mind.

“Y-yes, Sir.” I answered breathlessly.

The air turned close, hot and sticky with the stench of sex. The windows began to steam up and the sweat trickling from our bodies. There was no letting up in Taylor’s attempt to bring us both to an explosive, juddering end. He pushed harder and further into me, so much so that it bordered on a painful element, but I lifted my hips regardless, enticing him further into me.

My heart pounded in time with Taylor’s drives and I could barely breath the air was so thick. I moaned with delight as I felt the storm brewing, pulling tighter and tighter, squirming as the heat coiled in the pity of my stomach. I was there, balancing on the edge ready for Taylor to tip me over. He eyes glittered wickedly with sinister longing as he stared straight at me. He turned his head a little to the side; eye still locked with mine, and pressed his lips to my ankle. He plunged one hard thrust into me and I screamed and convulsed beneath him, tightening my sodden sex around his hard penis as I reached divine ecstasy.

“Oh fuck, Kiera!” He hissed my name with such needed desire and I sighed at the feel of his hot creamy seed spilling within me, watching as his powerful body trembled violently and the satisfaction spread across his handsome face. I swept my hand over his brow and smiled in awe. He placed his head upon my chest and wrapped my arms around him.

“Bad girl!” he murmured and I giggled.

We stepped outside the car to cool off, get some air, and straighten ourselves out. “Are you ever going to stop ripping my clothes? You are costing me a fortune in clothes,” I said, tugging at my tights in gesture to the damage he had wreaked upon them during our kinky back-seat sex session. Taylor chuckled, and sat himself down on the bonnet of his car.

“What can I say? When I want something that badly, nothing will stop me from getting it,” he smirked arrogantly over his shoulder at me.

“No shit!” I said sarcastically, and I went to join him on the bonnet.

I glared at the white covered horizon, the hazy sun setting in the distance as a moment of silence lingered in the air. I turned my head to look at Taylor, who had a distant, unfocused look in his eyes, and I knew that he wasn’t enjoying the beautiful, frosted panoramic view before us. His mind was somewhere else, some place that brought a tiny frown to crease his brow. He shifted ever-so-slightly, and had I not been watching him closely, I would never have noticed the tension alter in his shoulders. His mouth opened a little, as if he was about to say something, and I kept absolutely still, stupidly thinking that if I made no sound or movement, he would forget I was there and say whatever it was that was on his mind. Talk to me, Taylor. Please talk to me, I mutely pleaded.

© 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Carrie Anne Ward.