Book Signings 2016

Author Carrie Anne Ward

Hello my kinky peeps,

Ok so I have two book signings to attend next year. I’m super excited to be attending both of these event, especially as one of those events is close to home for me.

Please check out the details below on where and when the events will be held, and how you can get a ticket.

You can pre-order any of my book(s) for any of the events by clicking on the link below and fill in the information.

Pre-order book form

Book Pimpers Book Signing 2016

This event will possibly be the furthest I have traveled in the UK to do a signing. I am very excited to go to Liverpool 19th March 2016, as I have heard its got a great night life. Plus I am excited to meet those up north who cannot make it to my neck of the woods and get a signed…

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By Carrie Anne Ward Posted in erotica

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