Number 1 Bestseller

Hello all,

well its seems that Corrupted Desires is very popular. Its now free on Amazon US, but UK still needs your help.

The book has reached the top of the free erotic charts, and even though it isn’t free on UK, its still done well there also:

Also, it’s had 2 five star review on with special mentions for myself, SJ Warner, Felicity Brandon, Pen Name K and Ethan Radcliff. has had a 4 star review, which a special mention for myself and Sarah Greyson.

once again here is how you can help.

1. Copy this link (this is the B&N free copy)


2. Go to Amazon (you will have to do this on both the UK and the US sites separately in order to make them both free. We can work on the other countries later)

Amazon UK –

3. About half way down, in the product details section on the Amazon page, just above the reviews, there is a part that says “tell us about a lower price” click on that.

4. You will need to sign in to Amazon to do this and once you do, pick the option for website. You then need to enter the B&N link I’ve pasted above, put the shipping and price as 0.00 and then enter today’s date.

5. The submit the request. You can do this more than once so get on there and get submitting. Get as many people to do this as possible. Thank you.

Also Watch out for the paperback version coming soon. 



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