Amazon Bestselling Author

Hello everyone,

Well I have good news and, well I don’t want to say bad new, more like frustration new.

My short stories book A Quick Fix, is now free on amazon US, in which it has made me a bestselling author  buy reaching number 56 in the top 100 free erotic reads section. Which is great news.

My other book Sexy Holiday Bites, made me a bestselling author along with 8 other authors, but this one is all mine, so happy days.

However, Amazon are stubborn little pricks and its taking longer to make it free on the UK site. Which means your help is still needed on the UK site please.

Here’s how to do it again, if you didn’t get it last time.

click on this link > A Quick Fix UK and under the product details half way down, there is a section saying “tell us about a lower price” (you may need to login to amazon) then copy and paste this link – and make the pricing and ship 0.00, then put in today’s date, then click submit.

It’s as simple as that, and only takes 2 minutes max. You can do it more the once also, so a few times would be great.

Once again, thank you guys. I love and appreciate you all, in my own kinky kind of way.


By Carrie Anne Ward Posted in erotica

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