Coming Soon…

Hi there my kinky little peeps.

Just want to drop in and give you a little spank to say hello and keep you up to date on whats coming soon from this little submissive.

Sorry for the lack of effort lately, but life has most definitely gotten in the way.

Well, A Taylor Made Master is finished. I’ve been through my edits and it’s now with my beta readers for their comments and edits. Once those are back it will go off to my editor and then release. I’m currently looking at a release date of the 31st May, but I’ll keep you posted once I have a set date.

Also, after the bank holiday Easter weekend, I will be releasing my short stories book, featuring 10 flash fiction stories to give you “A Quick Fix” (that’s what it’s called) looking at a release date of the 26th May, but I will keep you posted if it goes live sooner. I will be looking to make the book free for everyone to download and read, and I would really love your help to get it that way. I’ll send out details on how you can help, once it’s released.

And finally, this Sunday the 20th April, I, and 7 other authors, will be revealing the cover for our new erotic summer themed anthology Heat Waves. This will also be free to download and read, and it’s set to release on the 1st July.

Oh oh, also… I have my third and final cover to reveal for the last book in my series called A Taylor Made Mine (no dates set yet) watch this space.

So yes, I have been busy. All this and I have had to fit in working a full time job, seeing my friends, family and Sir of course 😉 Boy do I need a break.

Anyway my beautiful peeps, its been a pleasure. Stay kinky and, if you haven’t already… BUY MY BOOK! As Taylor would say “that is not a request”

By Carrie Anne Ward Posted in erotica

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