Birthday giveaway winner.

Congratulations to Jodi Marinich for winning a free signed copy of my book A Taylor Made Student for suggesting the name Dylan to feature in my final book A Taylor Made Mine.

Also, well done to Alisha Sienkiel for being selected fron 1800 people who enter the giveaway on my book blitz. Books will be with you shortly.


Enjoy, and stay naughty.




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Buy My Book

Let Taylor Holloway be your next book boyfriend, and let Kiera Fox tell you about the up and down D/s relationship she encounters with him.

Its a kinky 4.5 star book, that will keep you squirming and perching on the edge of your seat.

A Taylor Made Student is an erotic BDSM romance, the first book in the Taylor Made Series,

buy it now “that is not a request!”


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Wanna Meet Me in NYC

Hello peeps,

Fancy meeting me, well here’s how…

Well this little submissive is heading to the big apple in august to attended the BDSM book con New York in August. I’ll be joining my very good friend and fellow author Paige Matthews. We will be there for 4 days meeting with other authors and meeting the public, there will giveaways, prizes and you can also buy our book and get out autographs also.

Please take a look at the website to find out more. If you have any questions regarding this even please send me an email.

BDSM Writers Con Flyer 2

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Birthday Giveaway


That’s right, I am feeling in a very generous mood. So, even though it’s my birthday and I should be the one getting the presents, I have decided to give a gift away instead.

A chance to win a free signed copy of my book. All you have to do is simply come up with a name for a new character in the third and final book A Taylor Made Mine.

It will be a boy character, a friend of Taylor’s. He wont have a major part but he is important to the book. I like unusual sexy names so get thinking. You can send me more then one name, I’ll give you a maximum of five names to send me. The one with the best name, the one I choose, will be the one to win a free signed paperback version on my book.

Send your entries to along with your contact details eg, address and name. also send me a facebook friends request so I can announce you as the win on there also (details on my contact me page) . Entries need to be in by 31st March.

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Taylor Made Master Update

Hey guys,

well, I have now finished the second book, which I am so excited about. However, here comes the horrid part… the edits. Yes, the edits are possible the most boring and most challenging part of writing a book. I have beta readers, and I have a editor too, but the edits still have to be done by myself. 

Anyway, its taken longer then expected which means the story wont be out at the end of the month like originally planned. looking like end of April at this rate, but it will be worth it as I want to get it prefect.

I’ll keep you update on the progress. In the mean time, look out for my short stories book “A Quick Fix” and the summer themed anthology I am putting together with 7 other authors.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Carrie xx

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Thanks for Showing Some Love

Massive thanks to everyone involved in the book blitz. my popularity has rocketed today all thanks to Book Enthusiast Promotions.

thanks to all the bloggers for featuring me and for all the people taking time out to read about me, buy my book and liking my pages.

If you have bought my book… the why the hell not! get on amazon/smashwords/B&N and buy it. second part (A Taylor Master Made) due out end of April hopefully.

Big smooches and spanks everyone.



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